Vertical bike carrier
Vertical bike rack

A bike carrier that is designed to carry bikes vertically, with both wheels on.  For rear door racks.

Fork mount bike carriers work good, if you can use them.  If you can't, or want to keep both wheels on, there were no bike carriers that could adequately support the weight of a bike when carried vertically.  That is why I designed this vertical bike carrier.

When carrying bikes vertically, you want to support the weight of the bike against gravity.  The lower cradle for the front wheel of this bike carrier is securely fixed in place.  All other bike carriers (Thule, Yakima) have the upper or front cradle fixed in place. 

Both wheel cradles are fully adjustable, to accommodate different size wheels and to achieve the best fit.

Vertical bike carrier $ USD each + about $35 shipping
The bike rack that attaches to the door is not included, just the bike carrier.

Questions, orders:
Gary Lee
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
phone 403 272 7284

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- Fits all racks
- Fits Yakima round bar
- Folds flat
- Fits 24" to 29" wheels.  Tray is 3 inches wide.  Does not fit fat bikes.
- Black gloss powder coat finish.  Zinc rich epoxy primer with a super durable polyester top coat.  Stainless steel hardware.



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Vertical bike carrier, mountain bike

Vertical bike carrier, thule, yakima, north shore

Vertical bike rack


vertical bike rack