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Front Winch Mount for the VW Vanagon

Fits all years and models of vanagons.  Winch and fairlead not included.
Mount accommodates most 8000 lb electric winches, including Warn, Ramsey and import 8000 lb winches.  A roller or hawse fairlead can be used, a mount for the fairlead is built in. 

Here is some background on this item.
After talking with syncro owners about winches and self recovery, there were a lot of varying opinions.  There was, however, agreement on the following points.

-  An 8000 pound capacity winch is suitable for the vanagon.
-  The line of pull should be as low as possible.  The center of the bumper was mentioned by a few people.
-  The winch should not compromise the approach angle. Everyone felt strongly about this point.  Mounting the winch in front of the  bumper would definitely reduce approach angle.
-  To be able to use the vans original bumpers if possible.  Some people did not want bull bars and tube bumpers. 
-  The mounted winch should be tucked in as close to the van as possible. A low profile and unobtrusive appearance is desireable. 
-  Several people mentioned that they did not want a winch sticking out too far from the front of the van.   Putting the winch above the bumper saves 5" in total length.
-  No welding required for installation.  No cutting of the van body or structure.
-  Some wanted to keep the spare tire in the original location under the front.  Mounting the winch above the bumper allows this.
-  Winch covers are available from Warn and others, I just made one myself.

Given these objectives I decided to mount the winch above the bumper.  Your bumper will need to be notched to clear the mount.
After several prototypes I concluded that this was the best way.  If the bumper were not to be cut, the winch would be about 1.5" higher for metal bumpers and about 3" higher for fiberglass.     

This winch mount is bolted directly to the body of the van with six 1/2" bolts.  This is much stronger than if the winch were mounted to a bull bar or tube bumper - which is then attached to the van.   
Winch mounting holes are spaced at 10" x 4.5". 

Vanagon Winch mount $345
Shipping about $55 to 48 states and Canada
Black powder coat finish.
Winch and fairlead are not included.   All bolts and backing plates are included as shown in the bottom picture.

Installation requires a 1/2" drill bit that is 8" long.  The standard size is 6".  This longer bit can be purchased locally, I can sell you one for $22 extra or you can borrow one from me and mail it back when done.