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By Chris Kelly, C.P.H.I.(C), Public Health Inspector, Peace Health Region

Residents living on the Grimshaw Gravels Aquifer are extremely fortunate when it comes to their drinking water. Water wells that provide high yield, good quality water are not easy to come by for most people living in the Peace Country. This is why this valuable resource must be protected.

Wells that are drilled and sealed professionally, greater then 50 feet in depth, are maintained and located in an area where contamination from the surface can not penetrate the aquifer, should provide water that is bacteriologically acceptable.

The Peace Health Region has a water quality program that monitors all of the municipal supplies within the Peace Health Region. This program is also extended to private residents for a nominal fee of $11/sample. Routine tests can be conducted for bacteriological and chemical parameters. It is recommended that private wells be tested yearly for bacteriological and every five years for chemical analysis.

Samples must be collected in bottles supplied by the health region to ensure accurate results are produced. Bottles can be picked up at your local public health office. Directions for filling the bottles are attached to the form that accompany the bottles. If any questions arise, a health inspector can be consulted. Samples must be returned to the health region Monday to Wednesday, before 12:00 p.m., to ensure they reach the lab on time. Results are interpreted by a health inspector, and a copy is mailed to the sender.

Since the gravels cross the border between the Mistahia and Peace Health Regions, anyone sending samples through Mistahia should contact the health inspector in Fairview for specific instructions at (780)835-4951.

In the near future, results received from wells on the aquifer can be used to monitor the overall water quality. The results will be added to a data base so that trends can be detected and any necessary action taken to protect the aquifer.

If you have questions, I can be reached at (780)624-7260.

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