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Grimshaw Aquifer

In the past few years, discussions on developing a community-focused management plan for the Grimshaw Gravels Aquifer have been initiated. This has led to the formation of the Grimshaw Aquifer Management Advisory Committee (GAMAC), which consists of local elected officials and water co-operative representatives.

The goal of this Committee is to develop an aquifer management plan that stresses the wise use of groundwater and encourages practices that will protect the aquifer from contamination. This group has recognized that it will be less expensive to prevent any potential problems than have to deal with them in the future.



The Grimshaw Gravels Aquifer has an excellent water quality and is one of the most economical water supply sources in the Peace River region. To protect this aquifer, one must first understand how the aquifer relates to its surrounding environment.

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Aquifer Man’s Tips for Protecting Ground Water:

* Plug any abandoned wells. Abandoned wells provide a conduit for contaminated water.
* Use storage tanks for pesticide mixing to avoid back-siphonage.
* Perform regular maintenance and inspection checks on your septic system for leaks or overuse.

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The Grimshaw Gravels Aquifer is a near-surface deposit of water-bearing gravels in the north central Peace River Region of Alberta that supplies some 7500 users with a quality water supply.
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Large well pits are no longer allowed to be constructed in Alberta under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act. Well pits provide a place for contaminated surface water or shallow groundwater to collect. The contaminated water then enters the top of the well casing , where it has no place to go, contaminating the aquifer. Today’s alternatives include pitless adaptors. They provide a safe and sanitary connection to the water well.

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For futher information please contact the M.D. of Peace, Berwyn, AB

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