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It is hoped that us sharing these reunion stories, with you;  from a birthmother's perspective and an adult male adoptee's viewpoint; you may also feel empowered to achieve satisfaction whereever your adoption reunion roads may lead you.

Adoption reunion is a time of complete unknowns for all sides. Many variables and personalities will come into play, looking for the positive will prove to be invaluable. As with anything in life, the factors are numerous and the results can hold many enjoyable and unexpected surprises. Although our lives have been lived apart we have found that many similarities do exist. Just seeing the physical resemblance's of blood relatives alone has proven fascinating as are many other genetic similarities.

It was due to the level of information available on the relatively new information highway; back in 1997 and the connections made via internet support groups with women who had lived in homes for unwed mothers, been sent away from their families and who were forced to surrender any and all rights to any knowledge or understanding of the babies born; that Marilyn began to search for her son placed into adoption.  The information and encouragement provided via the internet gave the knowledge and insight needed to rally the courage to seek out her son and put closure to so many of the unknowns created by relinquishment.

Birthmothers surround yourself with caring people. You will need a lot of supporters, your family and spouse.  Share with everyone who seems interested. Talk to adoptees, other birthmothers and adoptive parents if you are able. Some will not be interested but you may be amazed at the new and interesting connections you will make. The experiences of others can teach us all a lot; take what you need from that information, give whatever you are able. It is quite interesting to gauge your progress through the eyes of others. Although, only you, yourself will know your reality,  Be prepared for immense personal growth and an appreciation and respect for others, gained by being in the triad.

* These pages were created by, Marilyn, at Sean's suggestion. To date they have proven to be most interesting through the responses and questions they have generated to both of us.  We appreciate the feedback.  It is empowering to know that one has the ability to discover and uncover the past as well as to guide the future.

"Trust your gut, that's why you have one! April 5/98"

First meeting, June 1997.

Adoption Reunion
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