Space Ranger Kit

The Flying Saucer Disintegrator
I printed, trimmed & assembled.
It actually shoots disks across the room

Page 3 of the Space Ranger Kit allows you to print the Disintegrator.
Download from links at right

this is just a thumbnail download full image from link at right

Flash Blast Attack Ship box
Download from link at right

To print your own:
Right click and save as...
Keep in mind the full page is about 14.5" X 10.5" so if you do not have an oversize printer, you will have to either reduce the image size, print only a portion of the page, or get a copy shop to do it.  If you can print both sides it is helpful to find the cutting marks, so is keeping the image on the computer and zooming in while you are trimming.  I printed mine on heavy cardstock that was glossy on one side.

Front 5.71MB Make sure you get the whole image when downloading, part of the image may be missing if the download quits early.

Back 1.2MB

Ammo Disks 196K

Back of envelope
(Instructions) 878K

To print your own:
Right click and save as...
This will print the entire box on letter sized paper that can be trimmed, folded and glued into a box. Donít forget to leave a gluing strip along one edge of the box or you can always fashion one separately to glue to both edges.  I used heavy cardstock that was glossy on one side & played with the printer settings until I got a satisfactory print.  I intend to clean up the image a little more when I have time but even as is, the box printed very nicely.

Flashblast box 652K

Woody Woodpecker Operation Sawdust #509

Buck Rogers Movie-jecktor incomplete movie