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This is the newest version of my website. Prior to this it had been essentially a landing page for a number of other websites I've created. With this new design I have decided to post a number of written works, and other related items.

Site Guide

The first item on the the menu is a link to my blog which I endeavour to post to on a somewhat regular basis. The content of this blog is quite varied and topics will range from news items, to general items of interest. Under the heading of Writing you will find a selection of the non-fiction papers, articles, and such that I've written over the years, these are generally categorized by their subject matter. In addition to this there will eventually be a small sampling of my fiction work, but right now I'm not sure when that will be posted.

Other Sites

Next up are the organization websites I mentioned at the top of this section. Here you will find links to at present three other special interest websites: The first is the History of Queen Elizabeth II Planetarium in Edmonton - Canada's First Public Planetarium. Next is the Edmonton & Area Light Pollution Abatement Site which is sorely in need of updating, and is my next project. Finally there is the site for the Edmonton Writers' Group - a group of writers of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc.

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