The Great Bike Rescue - Crossword

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  1. How many single digits (numbers) make up Riley's chain lock combination?
  2. Riley and Levi like to ride their bikes up and down this place.
  3. What colour house do the criminals live in?
  4. The breakfast bagel is herb and _?_.
  5. He has a jagged, jack-o'-lantern smile.
  6. The name of the bike shop is __?__ and Rim.
  7. Emily's last name.
  8. Levi has to go to lessons at the swimming pool while Riley is playing this sport.


  1. Riley's old bike is name The _?__.
  2. One of the Perfect Sisters has this 5-letter name.
  3. The man with the black T-shirt had these on one arm.
  4. Riley says this word means "The Evil Person Who Cannot Be Defeated."
  5. The perfect Sisters offer these types of sandwiches to Emily.
  6. One of the ways Levi recognizes his bike is because it has a bent __?__.
  7. Levi's stolen bike is silver and __?__.
  8. One of the Perfect Sisters has this 3-letter name.

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