February 24 - 27, 2005
	Florida Gulf Coast University, in association with the International Cultural Research Network at the University of Alberta, 
is planning a conference on "Chinese Perspectives on Culture and Society" to be held on February 24-27, 2005 in Fort Myers,
Florida, USA.  The social, economic, educational and political in modern China create reverberations that are positively or
deleteriously affecting global policies. Wider academic discussion can alleviate some of unanswered questions that these
changes have engendered. Sino-scholars and others whose research focuses on China, as well as persons interested in China,
teachers, policy makers, NGO’s, interested people from Taiwan, and consultants are invited answer this call for papers at
this  conference. 
	The focus of the program will include the following four categories:
               (1) Environment; 
               (2) Education; 
               (3) Economics; and 
               (4) Historical Evolution of Chinese Perspectives
	Abstracts should be 250 words or less and must clearly identify the category in which the abstract should be considered.  
The accepted abstracts proposals are to constitute a one hour presentation that usually has a 30-40 presentation and a
10-20 minute discussion period. Abstracts are due on 15 October 2004 and will be blind-reviewed.  Notification of acceptance
will be made by November 30, 2004. abstract must be accompanied by a 75 word maximum biography that will be included in the
program and on the conference website. Abstracts should be sent via email to
 	Papers developed for this event will be peer reviewed and considered for publication in a book of the same title. The book 
will be published by early 2006.  The language for both the program and the publication is English.
	Registration, hotel accommodation and information about the various conference activities can be found at our website at   
	For additional information, contact Prof. Pamella A. Seay at 

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