The Canadian Multicultural Experience: Myths and Realities


Foreword:Walking Into the New Millennium With Canadian Multiculturalism
P. Saradhi Puttagunta



Full Multiculturalism: A Model for Canada -  Brian McKinstry

 Multicultural History and Policy Development in Canada -  Sandra Lambertus


Proactive Multiculturalism: A Canadian Experiment In Social Engineering Enters  Its Fourth Decade -  Kas Mazurek


The Politics of Access and Racism: The Twin Challenges To Canadian Multiculturalism - Michael Taffesse


‘Good Ethnics' and 'Bad Ethnics:’ An Analysis of the Use of Minority Spokespeople in  Contemporary Arguments Against Multiculturalism Policy -  P. Saradhi Puttagunta


Multiculturalism and the Accommodation of Ethnonationalists in Canada- James Frideres

  Science, Gender and Multiculturalism  - Ratna Ghosh, and Ashok K. Vijh

Various Shades of Red: Diversity Within Canada’s Indigenous Community Canada  -  Cora Voyaguer and Brian Caillou


Broken Dreams: The Experience of Underemployed and Unemployed Immigrant Men  - Chris Austin and David Este


The Changing Face of Canadian Farmers and the Farming Economy-  Michele Veeman and Terry Veeman 


Democracy or Hypocrisy?  Migrant Workers in Canadian Multicultural Society  -   Susan Brigham


Multiculturalism Policy and Attitudes, and Immigrant Women - Fay Fletcher


Contextualizing Perspectives among Canadian-Arab Muslim Women - Jenny Wannas-Jones

Chinese Canadian Literature and East Asian Values - Jennifer Jay

Please Don't Raise Your Voice, I'm an Ethnic Minority Person, not Deaf - Lan Chan-Marples


The Multicultural Dream: Framework for Multicultural Practice - Salam El-Duweini and Bernard W. Andrews

Multicultural Education: Political by Definition- Shane R. Gauthier 

Interethnic Stereotyping and its Implications for Multicultural Education: A Phenomenological Investigation - Serge F. Hein

Meeting the Challenge of Multiculturalism: Making the School a 
Better Place for all Students - Julia Ellis


Bilingual Education in Practice, A Multifunctional Model of Minority Language Programs in Western Canada  -  Joe Wu and Olenka Bilash            


Reconceptualizing Racialized Teaching Pedagogies: The Transformative Capacity of Visible Minority Teachers in Edmonton  -  N. Ernest Khalema


Multiculturalism and Postmodernism: Cultural Identity and the Limits of Postmodern Pluralism - and Traditionalism in Canadian Schooling - Jerrold L. Kachur

Quilting The Multiculturalism Paradox  - Arlette M. Barrette,
University of Alberta


The Dutch Language: an Introduction/Workbook
Exploring  Cultural  Perspectives: Integration and Globalization. 
Annette Richardson, Michael Wyness and E.Alice Halvorsen (eds.). 
The Canadian Multicultural Experience: Myths and Realities.
AnnetteRichardson,  Saradhi Putttagunta and E.Alice Halvorsen, (eds.). 
THE NEW NOMOS OF THE EARTH: A short history about the connections between technological innovation, anthropological space and legal order.  Sergio Ortino (2002)
Issues in childhood: a global perspective 
ISBN 0-9731056-8-2 (Forthcoming 2005)
International Multiculturalism: Preparing Together for the 21st Century. 1998. Annette Richardson, PhD., Editor. ISBN 0-9682961-0-8. 553 pages. 


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