FOREWORD - Michael  Wyness



Immigrants, Refugees And Cultural Integration

Adaptation Experiences of Sri Lankan Immigrants and Their Children in Australia in the Context of Multiculturalism and Anglo-Conformity -   Siri Gamage

2.  Post-war Immigration into Britain: Myth and Reality  -     Gajendra Verma, Douglas Darby, Kanka Mallick

3. The Mentors for Immigrant Women Seeking Employment Program  -  Sonia Bitar

4.   A Collaborative Approach to Model Development for Education About Refugees - Nina Hrycak

5.  Indian Constitution and Equality in Family Law, Legal and Social Position of Women and Their Property Rights - Amrita Grover,

6.  Cultural Factors that Limit Women’s Participation in Nigeria’s Educational System - Adenike Yesufu

7. Teachers and Racism: The Enemy Within -  Shane Gauthier    

8. The Multicultural Dance: Dimensions of a Multicultural Counselling Program - Salam El-Duveini and  Bernard Andrews

Childhood, Youth And Culture

9.  Mainstream Adaptation or Underclass Absorption? The Integration Experiences of Refugee Youth in
Canada - Lori Wilkinson

10. Immigrant Children: Dialoguing in New Software - Linda Wason-Ellam


11.  Peer Acceptance, Learning English as a Second Language, and Identity Formation in Children of Recent Chinese Immigrants - Anna Kirova and Joe Wu

 12.  Pupil Voice and Democracy: Young People's Representation and Influence in Civic Settings - Michael Wyness

13.  It’s never too early to start! Promoting positive values through teaching the Holocaust in Scottish primary schools
-  Henry Maitles

 14. Drugs in Brazilian Schools  - Miriam Abramovay

15. Secondary Education Expansion: From Ugly Duck To Swan? The Case Of Brazil - Candido Gomes, Carmelita Campos, Albaniza Bisop and Ademar Pedron


Global Trends And Cultures


16. Subject Minorities of Great Empires: a Case Study of the Maroons of Jamaica - John Grant

 17.  Lithuania Minor, Uprooted and Vanishing: Do We Need Its Memory in the Twenty-first Century? Arune Arbusauskaite

18.  The Impact of Globalization on Third World Countries: Case Study in Morocco and Tunisia  - Pamella Seay

19. Ethnocomputing: Considering Ethnological Factors in Computer Sciences  -  Matti Tedre, Piet Kommers, Erkki Sutinen

20. Conceptual Representations Awareness for Existential Learning by Those Who Need It  - Piet Kommers

21.  Accountants’ Professional Commitment, Rule Observance and Culture:  An Empirical Approach   -  Mehdat Endrawes and Kenan Metawie

 22.   Centralization Versus Student Achievement, The Case Of Brazil  - Candido Gomes, Clelia Capanema and Jacira Camara,

 23. Time to Stop Blaming the Victim:A Recurrent Question for Policymakers in Brazil  - Clelia Capanema and Telma America Venturelli
 24. Media’s Role in the Global Crisis - 
Anju Grover Chaudhary

 25. Changing Representational Practices and New Identities in a Global Age - Andrew Pilkington

The Dutch Language: an Introduction/Workbook
Exploring  Cultural  Perspectives: Integration and Globalization. 
Annette Richardson, Michael Wyness and E.Alice Halvorsen (eds.). 
The Canadian Multicultural Experience: Myths and Realities.
AnnetteRichardson,  Saradhi Putttagunta and E.Alice Halvorsen, (eds.). 
THE NEW NOMOS OF THE EARTH: A short history about the connections between technological innovation, anthropological space and legal order.  Sergio Ortino (2002)
Issues in childhood: a global perspective 
ISBN 0-9731056-8-2 (Forthcoming 2005)
International Multiculturalism: Preparing Together for the 21st Century. 1998. Annette Richardson, PhD., Editor. ISBN 0-9682961-0-8. 553 pages. 


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