Preparing Together for the 21st Century
Annette Richardson, Ph.D., Editor 

Editor’s Note

1 Community

Multicultural Competencies for Providing Services to Survivors of Torture
Nancy Arthur

Ensuring Cultural Relevance of Mental Health Service Training and Development Through Collaborative Community-Driven  Consultation
Jessica Ball

Full Multiculturalism: A Model for Canada
Brian McKinstry

Legislated Inequality: The Uneven Consequences of Immigration Policy on the Economic and Social Integration of Immigrants in Canada
Navjot K. Lamba and Lori Wilkinson

A Research-Based Model of the Premigration and Resettlement Experiences of Cambodian        Refugees: Implications for Programming
Noorfarah Merali

Multiculturalism Among Francophone Albertans
Dulari Prithipaul

2 Cross Cultural Elements

The Formation and Realization of the New Identity: The Case of the Russian Minority  of the Independent Lithuania
Arune Arbusauskaite

Society of the Third Millenium and the Need for New Paradigms
Jacira da Silva Câmara, Catholic University of Brasilia/University of Brasilia, Brazil

Cross Cultural Perspective of a Chinese Experience: The Early Chinese Students in the U.S.A.: 1872-1881
Timothy Kao and  H. Y. Cheng

Exploring the Literacy-Culture Complexity: An Ethnographic Study of a Filipino Immigrant Family in Canadian Society
Guofang Li

An Immigrant’s Perception of Multiculturalism
Guohua Pan

3 Education

Towards Non-Threatening Discourses in the Classroom:  Action Research Engaging Critical Dialogue to Allow Silent Voices of Minorities
John P. Anchan

Changing Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices in Arts Education
Bernard W. Andrews and Michael Wilson

Managing The Multicultural Learning Environment : The Role Of The Teacher
Stephen Appiah-Padi

International Students:  Preparing for the Global Learners of the Future
Nancy Arthur

Educational Challenges of the 21st Century: How Brazil is Facing Them
Clélia de Freitas Capanema

Cultural Difference and Teaching: Exploring the Complexities and Ambivalences of Multicultural Education
Terry Carson, Ingrid Johnston, Tejwant K. Chana, Diane Leard and Lynne Wiltse

Creating a Culture of Critical Teaching and Learning at Queen’s
John G. Freeman and Rebecca Luce-Kapler

Patches the Beaver: Using aCharacter to Teach Young Children Canada’s Multiclulural Mosaic
Shane R. Gauthier

Using the Internet to Teach World Literature
James Greenlaw

Building Bridges: A Case Study of Partnership Development in Teacher Education
Penelope J. Gurney and Bernard W. Andrews

The Role of Qualitative Research Methods in Multicultural Education
Serge F. Hein

Performing Curriculum as Gender Translation
Rebecca Luce-Kapler

Group Identity In The Kenyan School Curriculum: “Tribes” or Kenyans?
Ochieng’ O.  K’Olewe

Reconceptualizing Social Justice Pedagogy:  Current Debates and Directions in Canadian Education
Darren E. Lund

 Facilitating Coaching Discourses to Create the Climate for Conceptual Understanding in Learning Mathematics
Enid McLymont

Contemporary Educational Environment:  Some Current Concerns on the Relationship Between Education and Society
Sonia Martins de Almeida Nogueira

Secondary Teacher’s Perspectives on the Concept of Multiculturalism in a Monocultural, Provincial City: A Critical Australian Case Study
Jennifer O’Shannessy

A Study of SC/ST Students’ Opinions of their Teachers in the Professional Course
K.T. Shivanna

The Challenge of Implementing Parent Involvement in Township Schools in South Africa
Noleen van Wyk

Preparing Teachers for Multicultural Classrooms
Lynne Wiltse

4 Ethnicity

Attitudes Towards Persons of ‘Other Nationality’ in a Multi-Linguistic Transylvanian Town
László Kovács and Arpád Antal

The Social Mobility of Adult University Students:  The Impact of Ethnicity
Carmel Desmarchelier

The Invention of Canada: Historical Amnesia and Fragmented Imaginary Selves
Peggy Woon-Yee Lee

Weaving a Patchwork Quilt: Integrating Immigrant Children into Cross-Cultural  Classrooms
Linda Wason-Ellam and Guofang Li

5 Family

Understanding and Helping Families from the Former Yugoslavia: The Mosaic Centre Project
David Este, Rena Shimoni, Dawne Clark, Hadassah Ksienski

Bi-cultural Parenting and Child Self-Esteem
Mary Nicolas Fahmy and Barbara Walter

Whither Family Life
David Kilgour

Street Children in Cononou-Benin- A Micro Sociospatial Approach of theCauses: why Do They Leave Their Homes?
Virginie Moret

The Church in Canada: Where Will We Be in the Next Millenium?
Joanne Neal Tranter

6 Gender

Reconceptualizing Female Circumcision
 Jendju Collins

Gender as a Moderator of the Relationship Between Social Support and Adaptation in Asian International Students
Janine J. Fernandes

Is Empowerment or Autonomy Critical for Women?
Bikkar S. Randhawa

Women in Religions: Doomed for Perdition?
Adenike Yesufu

7 Human Rights/Law/Politics

A Rocky Marriage: Human Rights and Human Dignity
Kristin Ailsby

World War II Experiences of Jewish Post Secondary Faculty in the Netherlands: A Human Rights Perspective.
 Annette Richardson

Housekeeping Loss: Replacing the Lost Homemaker  in Personal Injury and Death
Brenda Munro

Asian Women’s Political Identity
Shaminder Takhar

Toward More Culturally Sensitive Family Law
Emily F. Carasco

The Politics of Access and Racism: The Twin Challenges To Canadian Multiculturalism
Mikael W. Taffesse

8 Labour

The Working Experiences of Underemployed Immigrant Men
Christopher Austin and David Este

The Mentors for Immigrant Women Seeking Employment Program
Sonia Bitar

The True Asian Tigers: Female Youth Migrants
Susan Mary Brigham

Employment Equity and Aboriginal People in Canada
Cora J. Voyageur

The Dutch Language: an Introduction/Workbook
Exploring  Cultural  Perspectives: Integration and Globalization
Annette Richardson, Michael Wyness and E.Alice Halvorsen (eds.). 
The Canadian Multicultural Experience: Myths and Realities.
AnnetteRichardson,  Saradhi Putttagunta and E.Alice Halvorsen, (eds.). 
THE NEW NOMOS OF THE EARTH: A short history about the connections between technological innovation, anthropological space and legal order.  Sergio Ortino (2002)
Issues in childhood: a global perspective 
ISBN 0-9731056-8-2 (Forthcoming 2005)
International Multiculturalism: Preparing Together for the 21st Century. 1998. Annette Richardson, PhD., Editor. ISBN 0-9682961-0-8. 553 pages. 


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