The International Cultural
Research Network
551 Education South  University of Alberta,
Edmonton, AB   Canada  T6G 2G5

Dear Colleague,

You are invited to join our vibrant and exciting multi-disciplinary, International Cultural Research Network (ICRN) in which you, your colleagues, students and others may wish to be involved.  ICRN was established at the University of Alberta in July 1998 in an atmosphere of exceptionally warm collegiality at the conclusion of  the International Multicultural and International Child/Youth Conferences.  ICRN  has several hundred members who share and exchange ideas, discuss various issues such as childhood and youth, technology, human rights, multiculturalism, education, health, welfare, history and politics, among others, in an atmosphere of academic friendship. You do not need to be affiliated with an organization to join ICRN. We use a collaborative approach to research projects. We publish members’ research in yearly volumes and the ICRN Interdisciplinary Journal.  ICRN also provides cultural awareness consultation/workshops. Anyone interested in researching will find ICRN to be beneficial. 

Our office is permanently based at the University of Alberta in Canada. Our executive is elected biennually.  ICRN  holds biennial conferences. Our second conference was held in Xi'an, China in 2000 and our third was in Brasilia, Brazil in 2002 where Luitgard  Freire spoke about his father Paulo Freire. The fourth ICRN conference will be held in Florence, Italy from 12-17 July, 2004. Topics for the 2004 Conference  include: culture, children and youth,  education, policy,  women. 

You do not need to be a member  to attend an ICRN Congress but membership is a requirement if you wish to present and publish papers and books through ICRN.  I encourage you to become a member of this interesting and spirited Network. Together we can accomplish far more than independently.  The fee is USD  $10.00 a year payable for a two year term.  The official ICRN e-mail address is We look forward to your involvement with ICRN. 


Annette Richardson, Ph.D.
Chair, International Cultural Research Network 

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