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The International Cultural  Research Network  has a publication branch, ICRN Press. Members’ research projects, collaborations, papers,  presentations and books are peer refereed by recognized authorities of the pertinent topics. Click the individual titles below for the table of contents of each book. 
ICRN Publication Style

ICRN uses footnotes to clarify publication information, to add to the text and to alleviate lengthy bibliography reference pages.  Brackets with authors  and page numbers  in the text assumes  familiarity with the reference. This method  alienates  many readers, it is unsightly and disrupts the flow of the text. The footnote system includes all the publication data and adds the page number of a quote at the end. Footnotes are always single spaced and indented on the first line only. Some of these references are nonexistent and are made up to indicates the correct citation  style.

One author
John L. Finlay, Pre-Confederation Canada: The Structure of Canadian History to 1867 (Scarborough: Prentice Hall Canada Inc., 1990), 72.
Subsequent reference: Finlay,  72. or See note (number ) above

Two authors
Ratna Ghosh, and Douglas Ray, Social change and education in Canada (Toronto: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1991).
Subsequent reference:  Ghosh and Ray, 72.  or See note (number ) above.

Three authors
John James, Sarah Johnson, Kylie White, The Trials and Tribulations of Publishing (London: Alliance Press, 1999).

Three or more authors
John Smith et al, The Man Jumped Over the Moon (Toronto:  ABC Publishers, 1935), 22.

Two authors  as editors
Cameron McCarthy and Warren Crichlow, ed.  Race, identity and representation in Education   (New York: Routledge, 1993).
Subsequent reference,  McCarthy and Crichlow, 72. or See note (number ) above. 

Article in edited book.
Roxanna Ng, “Sexism, racism, Canadian nationalism,” in Feminism and the politics of difference  ed. Sneja Marina Gunew and Anna Yeatman (London: Routledge 1993)
 For subsequent references use  Ng , 72 or  See note (number ) above

Two sources in one footnote are separated by a semicolon
Roxanna Ng, ASexism, racism, Canadian nationalism, A in Feminism and the politics of difference  ed. Sneja Marina Gunew and Anna Yeatman (London: Routledge 1993); Roxanna Ng,  “Racism, sexism and nation building in Canada,” in  Race, identity and representation in Education  ed.  Cameron McCarthy and Warren Crichlow (New York: Routledge, 1993).

Article in newspaper
Gary Duthler, Education is our future [special issue],  The Edmonton Journal,  23 March 1997,  TAB 31.

Article in numbered periodicals  
Ernest Khalema and Jenny Wannas-Jones, “Under the Prism of Suspicion: Minority Voices post Sept. 11,” Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs  23 (April, 2003).   

Article in numbered periodicals with several issues
John James, “Reviving the Prism of Suspicion.”  Journal of Multiculturalism  23, 17  (April, 2003): 99.   
Sometimes a periodical uses (spring 2003) or (fall 2003). Note that the term is not capitalized.

Book review in newspaper
Amy Gorman, review of The Limits of Racism, by John Smith, New Yorker, 10 June 1995. 32.  

Book review in periodical 
Amy Gorman, “Too many questions,” review of The Limits of Racism, by John Grant, History of Education 72  (10 June 1995). 32.


Papers presented
Jenny Wannas-Jones, “Issues of Islamic Women,” (paper presented at the Multicultural ra Conference, Edmonton, AB May 1998), 11.
Annette Richardson, “ Resistance in Hengelo (O) During World War II,” (master’s thesis, University of Alberta, 1987), 17. 

Annette Richardson,  “The paradox of Dutch education: a historical study,”  (Ph.D diss.,  University of Alberta,  1995), 23. 

For additional assistance please refer to the 15th edition of the Chicago Style Manual.

Publication Schedule

General Editors: Michael Wyness and Annette Richardson

The Dutch Language: an Introduction/Workbook                    2003

The Canadian Multicultural Experience: Myths and Realities     2002

Exploring Cultural Perspectives: Integration and Globalization   2002 

Forthcoming Books/titles                                                    ICRN Interdisciplinary Journal Titles 
The New Nomos of the Earth:  A short history 
about the connections between technological 
innovation, anthropological space and legal 
order.      2003

The History of Children: A Western Perspective 2005                 Identity              Spring 2005

Canadian Childhood: Past, Present and Future 2005                   Education          Spring  2005

Multimedia and Culture        2005                                              Multimedia         Fall 2005

The Politics of Culture        2005                                               Globalization       Spring 2006

Issues in Childhood: A Global Perspective       2006                  Gender                Fall 2006

Health and Cultural Issues        2006                                         Childhood         Spring 2007

Cultural Issues for Women        2006                                        Nationalism        Fall 2007

Migration and Citizenship        2007                                         Migration            Spring 2008

Political Globalization         2007                                              Adolescents        Spring 2008

Nationalism and Cultural Globalization      2007                        Health                Spring 2009 

                                                                                               10th Anniversary Issue 2008
Women, Culture and Religion    2007

The Culture of Gender               2008

The Dutch Language: an Introduction/Workbook
Exploring  Cultural  Perspectives: Integration and Globalization. 
Annette Richardson, Michael Wyness and E.Alice Halvorsen (eds.). 
The Canadian Multicultural Experience: Myths and Realities.
AnnetteRichardson,  Saradhi Putttagunta and E.Alice Halvorsen, (eds.). 
THE NEW NOMOS OF THE EARTH: A short history about the connections between technological innovation, anthropological space and legal order.  Sergio Ortino (2002)
Issues in childhood: a global perspective 
ISBN 0-9731056-8-2 (Forthcoming 2005)
International Multiculturalism: Preparing Together for the 21st Century. 1998. Annette Richardson, PhD., Editor. ISBN 0-9682961-0-8. 553 pages. 


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