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Stories Children Love — The 21 ever popular “little Van de Hulst books” to be reprinted this Summer

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The series

“Stories Children Love”

is for boys and girls 4 to 10 years old.

A child still loves a story — about a cat that ran away, about a hungry dog waiting for some scraps of meat outside a butcher shop, about an abandoned doll lying in the rain.

Each animal, each toy, has its own story. And your child wants to hear that story.

W.G. Van de Hulst was a master storyteller. He knew children. And he wrote stories children love.

Children have long been enthralled with his tales. That’s why more than three million books in this series have been sold in Europe.

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To help the reader in a task which is not at all easy — for much beauty is lost through thoughtless reading — the author suggests slow reading in a natural tone of voice, with careful attention to emphasis. The reader must enjoy the story with the child. To taste the full pleasure of reading to a child, the two must roam together hand in hand as it were, through the wonderland of make-believe.

SCL01 LITTLE WOODEN SHOE - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136019 - $ 6.95

A little wooden shoe is found floating on the water, and suddenly Henry’s guilty little secret has stirred up the whole village. If only he had told his father! Now the miller, the policeman, the mayor, and the whole village are involved. Henry’s whole world seems to be pointing the finger of shame at him. But the mayor, the policeman, and the miller and his wife have a little secret of their own. A day of shame is turned into a day of celebration!


To go to Grandmother’s house, Bob, Betsy, and Benjamin have to go through the woods. In the woods there are unseen eyes on the three children — the eyes of the jolly baker, who pulls a trick on them, the eyes of a little bird, which they trap in their basket, and the eyes of a scary old woman, whom they take to be a wicked witch. The children get caught in the woods during a frightful thunderstorm, and they find out about another set of eyes.

SCL03 BRUNO THE BEAR - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136033 $6.95

Bruno, Rosie’s teddy bear, becomes separated from his sick little owner through the thoughtless hi-jinks of Rosie’s two rowdy brothers, Jimmy and Joe. Bruno has been endowed with an eye that twinkles merrily with a happy secret. Jimmy and Joe have a secret too, but it isn’t a happy one: it keeps them awake at night. In their quest to restore their little sister’s happiness, the boys discover that they cannot keep their guilty secret to themselves. What is it that finally puts Rosie and Bruno, the boys and their parents, Bruno and his twinkle back together again?

SCL04 BASKET - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136040 $6.95

Mother told Julie, Tessa, and Dicky which road to take home from Grandmother’s house. But the three children thought they knew a better way, and they got lost in a strange forest guarded by a fierce dog. Grandmother had told Julie, Tessa, and Dicky not to open the big basket with the wonderful gift inside. But the three children just couldn’t resist taking a peek, and suddenly they lost something very precious. Out of their fear and confusion came an undeserved happiness. Is it a miracle, or are we just seeing double?

SCL05 LOST IN THE SNOW - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136057 $6.95

Two little boys are lost in the woods. While bringing coffee to their father, they got scared off the path by a hairy black creature. Cold, tired, and lost, they kneel down in the snow and close their eyes. But when they open them again, that scary black creature has become a cold, tired, lost creature like themselves. Can the lost help the lost find their way home?

SCL06 ANNIE AND THE GOAT - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136064 $6.95

Grandma came into the yard and found the gate open. Annie was gone and so was Billy, the little goat! Off went Grandma to look for her two strays. Then Grandpa came into the yard. Finding everyone gone, he set out as well to look for Grandma, Annie, and Billy. Soon two boys and a policeman join in the search. And then a rainstorm sets in. The policeman finds Annie’s ribbon beside the water, and the boys find Billy the goat. But where is Annie?

SCL07 BLACK KITTEN - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136071 $6.95

Sandy tries to save a little kitten from falling into the water. Instead, she accidentally pushes it under. A passer-by accuses her of trying to drown the kitten. Sandy, the little would-be rescuer, catches a chill and gets seriously ill. Feverishly she dreams of black kittens and that accusing man on the road. In the end the accuser becomes a healer, and the would-be rescuer is in need of rescue herself. As for the victim, the black kitten — it heals a heart and finds a home.

SCL08 WOODS BEYOND THE WALL - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136088 $6.95

Grandma wants to protect Carla and Ria, her two little granddaughters, from the dangers of the outside world. Beyond the wall are the woods, the busy highway, and Eddie and Bert — those two little troublemakers. But Grandma and Grandpa discover that they can’t wall the dangers out, for the biggest danger comes from within — not from without. Can Carla and Ria scale the wall to friendship?

SCL09 MY MASTER AND I - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136095 $6.95

My name is Fik. I’m a strong dog. But I’m not very smart. Just listen to my story. My master, John, and I like to spend our time together. Sometimes we do get into trouble though. When there is danger I warm my master. But then my master gets so sick and I cannot help. All I can do is be sad and hope my master will get better.

SCL10 PIG UNDER THE PEW - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136101 $6.95

The preacher looks up from his books. The church door bursts open and out tumble three little boys and a girl — his daughter. Over them jumps a little pig. Right behind them, waving his fist angrily, is the church’s caretaker. What brings all these together: three little rascals, the preacher’s little girl, a curious little pig, and an angry caretaker?

SCL11 THREE LITTLE HUNTERS - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136118 $6.95

Roger, Danny, and Willy are out on a hunt. Very quietly they tiptoe through the woods. Are there any tigers or bears or elephants? With pistols, swords, and bows the three brave hunters are ready for every encounter. Or are they? At once a little kitten in need of compassion is spotted. Was it dying? How will the brave hunters deal with sickness and sadness?

SCL12 SEARCH FOR CHRISTMAS - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136125 $6.95

Looking down from her castle, a little princess sees the Christmas star in the window of a poor little house. Looking up from his poor little house, a little boy sees an angel in the window of the high castle. Both leave their homes to find the newborn Baby in the manger. Although they do not find the baby, they do find Christmas. And so do the parents — through the foolishness of two little children.

SCL13 FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136132 $6.95

Small footprints — the footprints of a small child — lead across the frozen canal and out into the white winter fields. No one pays much attention to them. Why should they? They aren’t important — until Mother discovers that Janie is missing. No one finds the footprints except Janie’s foolish little dog Bello. And how can he help? He only comes to play.

SCL14 LITTLE TRAMP - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136149 $6.95

It was winter and oh, so bitterly cold. I trotted along the road. My home is gone. My cruel master who kicks me is gone. But where do I go? And, oh, it is so bitterly cold. Then I am spotted and taken into the strange world of people. What do they all mean? And what will happen when my master finds out where I am?

SCL15 THREE FOOLISH SISTERS - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136156 $6.95

Three little girls stand before a large iron gate. It is the gate to the Baron’s estate, and beyond it are dark, scary woods. The three little girls are Dinah, Suzy, and Joanne, and their faces are streaked with fear. They stare at the padlock and chain that hold the gate shut. Joey, their baby brother, is somewhere on the other side of that gate. And it is their fault! How will they get him out?

SCL16 SECRET HIDING PLACE - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136163 $6.95

Tom and Davy are missing. They should be in class, but they are not. The village policeman has a mystery, for Mrs. Janssen’s big pan is missing too. And so is Farmer Cooper’s “No Trespassing” sign. When Tom and Davy finally show up, flushed and dirty, they refused to tell their teacher where they have been. It’s a secret: so she simply asks them, “Is it a beautiful or an ugly secret?” That’s a question only the boys can answer.

SCL17 SECRET IN THE BOX - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136170 $6.95

Catch him! Catch him! The children jump; the teacher screams — and Nick and Neil are in trouble. What are they doing with that frog in school? It’s a secret. After school they sneak the frog into their bedroom. Father and Aunt Katie must not see the frog. Mother must not see it either, even though the secret will make her better . . . in the morning. But in the middle of the night --- Bump! Crash! Bang! The frog is loose and the boys are in trouble again. Their secret is spoiled. Who will make Mother better now?

SCL18 ROCKITY ROWBOAT - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136187 $6.95

Where was Annalee? When Mother looked in Annalee’s special place behind Father’s desk in the study, Annalee was gone. She had gone with Peter to play in the pasture. But she left without telling Father and Mother. Out in the pasture Annalee and Peter ran off to play and explore. Together they discovered the rockity rowboat. With each thoughtless step, Annalee was further from the safety of home, more and more lost.

SCL19 HERBIE, THE RUNAWAY DUCK - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136194 $6.95

It was a beautiful spring day, but Herbie couldn’t go out. He had to sort beans because he had spilled them and then run away. He felt like running away again. Suddenly he heard a voice outside the window calling his name, but the voice wasn’t calling him: it was calling little runaway Herbie. Big Herbie and little Herbie were very much alike. But how could that be? They were a boy and a duck!


Penny and Peggy were heartbroken. Their kittens, Feather and Heather, were lost! Then suddenly Dr. Hart, their stern neightbor, was accusing the girls of making all sorts of mischief. And what about those noises behind the tall fence dividing Dr. Hart’s yard from theirs? What was happening behind that grouchy doctor’s fence?

SCL21 FORBIDDEN PATH - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136217 $6.95

The wheatfield was ready to be harvested. The farmer only saw the wheat. But Pam and Polly saw the little poppies that grew between the wheat. Ignoring the "No Trespassing" sign, they followed the path picking poppies left and right. But oh, when the farmer and the policeman notice little footsteps leading into the wheat, what will happen then?



by W.G. Van de Hulst

Illustrated by W.G. Van de Hulst, Jr.

Translated from the Dutch by Marian Schooland

32 Favorite stories


1 Two Little Sisters

2 Dickie and the Little Finch

3 The Little Wooden Shoe

4 A Teddy Bear That Grew

5 The Sick Man

6 White and Black

7 Mother and Steven

8 The Ugly Caterpillar

9 Grandpa’s Watch

10 Naughty Hector

11 The Little Man with a Crooked Neck

12 Little Jack’s Vacation

13 Shiner

14 Brown Beans, White Beans

15 In the Little Reed Cradle

16 Whose Little Goat Are You?

17 Lettie

18 The Glass Marble

19 One Rainy, Rainy Day

20 The Snowman

21 My Friend Blackcap and I

22 The Two Little Lambs

23 When the Wild Wind Blows

24 Nibs and the Little Old Man

25 Tarts

26 Who Was Most Kind?

27 Reta, Meta, and Sofeta

28 Potatoes for Mother

29 Donnie’s Corner

30 Hagar and Ishmael

31 Peeper

32 Elsa and the Violets


VAN DE HULST, W.G. - MY FAVORITE STORY BOOK - 9781928136224 - $ 16.95



Illustrated by C. Walter Hodges

Piet Heyn was a Dutchman,

A Dutchman from Delft,

Who braved the blue deeps of the sea,

To sail out, seafaring,

For flounder and herring,

While he dreamed that his land might be free.

9781928136248 $ 8.95



This morning when I awoke, I found myself in complete darkness, and at first supposed that my sleep had quitted me at an earlier hour than usual. However, I heard my grandfather feeling his way about, and I rubbed my eyes, but did not see a bit better.“Grandfather,” said I, “you are up before daylight.”“My dear boy,” he answered, “ if we were to wait for the light of day, we should remain long enough in bed. I fear the snow is above the window.”At this I uttered a cry of horror and leaped out of bed. I soon lighted our lamp, and we were then able to perceive that my grandfather’s conjecture was well-founded.“But the window is low,” he added, “besides, it may be that the snow has been heaped up in this part; perhaps we should not see it above two feet deep at some paces from the wall.”

9781894666190 - $ 9.95


• 270 exciting Bible stories

• Simply written on the level of the child’s understanding

• Attention-getting questions with every story

• A book children everywhere will love

"A Bible story book which is excellent in its simplicity, accuracy, appeal and unity... stories are short enough to be read in one sitting and the vocabulary is so simple that even pre-school children will listen and easily understand... parents and teachers will find in it a great help in bringing the Bible to their children." Banner

"This is one of the finest books of its kind that I have seen... remarkably true to the biblical narrative. I applied the Flesch tests for readability and interest to two passages chosen at random from the Old Testament. . . . the reading ease score was ‘easy’ to ‘very easy.’ The human interest score was ‘interesting’ to ‘dramatic." The Standard Publishing Foundation

"The Bible becomes a living, meaningful book, and the characters become alive and understandable . . . ." The Mennonite

"The whole Bible historical record from the creation to the Lord’s appearance, to John on Patmos, told in 270 simple stories. Should be a delight to the child, and helpful to the parent telling or

reading the Bible story to children." The Baptist Record

• 62 Illustrations

9781928136234 - $ 24.95



1. Which assembly in the Church has been endowed with the highest authority?

The consistory.

2. Why is the consistory the highest assembly of the Church?

Because the Lord Jesus Christ officially constituted the jurisdiction over the congregation in the consistory.

3. Where is this found in Holy Scripture?

Acts 20:28, addressed to the elders at Ephesus reads as follows: “Thus take heed to yourselves, and to the whole flock, over which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers to pasture the congregation of God, which He obtained by His own blood.”

“And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of the heavens: and whatever you will bind on the earth, will be bound in the heavens, and whatever you will loose on the earth, will be loosed in the heavens.” —Matthew 16:19

9781894666831 - $ 8.95


Biblical Devotionals Based on the Canons of Dort

by Rev. N. Vander Want

Translated by Rev. Richard Stienstra

Of the many ecclesiastical gatherings that have been held in the Netherlands over the centuries, the Synod of Dordrecht (1618-1619) probably had the greatest impact on the country’s church life. It produced a Church Order, Orders of Worship were crafted for worship services, and provision was made for a new Dutch Bible translation (with annotations) which was ready in 1637, and became known as the States Translation (Statenvertaling—in English: The Dort Study Bible). Moreover, the delegates also adopted the Heidelberg Catechism and the Belgic Confession as confessions for the Reformed Churches. In addition, a third confession was produced entitled: “the Canons of Dordrecht,” commonly referred to as “the Canons of Dort.”

The stimulus for the existence of the Canons of Dort goes back to the controversy between two professors, Gomarus and Arminius at the University of Leiden. In this dispute the age-old issue of whether the human will was free or not was central. Can a person on his own choose for God or not? What causes people to respond so differently to the gospel? Already in early church history (5th century) Augustine and Pelagius confronted each other about this question, and during the Reformation (16th century) Erasmus discovered in Luther a strong opponent to the doctrine of the free will. The question of whether the will is free or not is related as well to the doctrine of double predestination, meaning that God elected and reprobated from eternity.— From the Author’s Preface

9781928136002 - $ 15.95




The Christian Faith as outlined in the Heidelberg Catechism

Catechism preaching—as we know it today—dates back to the time of the great Reformation. The Reformers wrote various “catechisms” which were to be used especially in the instruction of the youth of the Church, but this instruction soon developed into a full-fledged afternoon service.

It should be noted, for example, that John Calvin in Geneva had the custom of teaching catechism classes at noon and that parents were required to bring their children and also to attend this instruction themselves! The Genevan Church Order stipulated that catechism instruction shall take place “in the presence of the Church”. In this way catechism instruction became catechism preaching. Similar practices developed in London and Heidelberg.

In our time there is again growing opposition to catechism preaching, based mostly on the same old argument that a creed is not God’s Word and should not be used as text for preaching. The Reformed Churches, however, have responded to this charge by stressing that the catechism gives a faithful summary of God’s Word and that therefore a catechism sermon is also fully the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a true exposition of the doctrine of the Scriptures.

Catechism preaching has never impoverished the Church of Christ but instead has enriched the Church. This is so because this preaching provided a regular and systematic explanation of all the key points of doctrine contained in Scripture. The congregations were not subject to the insights and schemes of individual ministers but every year again heard a systematic proclamation of the “full doctrine”. History has shown that in times when catechism preaching was lacking, there was a general deformation and growing rejection of the Reformed confessions, while in times when catechism preaching was appreciated and diligently maintained there was growth in the knowledge and fruits of faith.

Rev. Clarence Stam is pastor emeritus of Cornerstone Canadian Reformed Church at Hamilton, Ontario. He has served in various Reformed Churches in The Netherlands and Canada. He has previously written None Like Thee, a meditative excursion into the prophesies of Micah and Everything in Christ, the Christian Faith outlined according to the Belgic Confession.

9780921100270 - $ 39.95


A Story of Sweden in the 16th Century



The Reformation Trail Series

Pastor Sten Nilson, a tall, noble-looking man, stood up to welcome his brother, with a smile on his lips and a glad light in his frank blue eyes. But the next moment he drew back disappointed, and even a little annoyed; for "mine host" was ushering in a stranger, an elderly man in a fur coat, holding by the hand a little boy about seven . . .

[The boy asked] with a half timid, half confiding air, "What book is that?"

Surprised at the question from so young a child, the Pastor answered, "It is the Red Book, my son."

The boy looked up indignantly, all his shyness gone. " ’Tis not red," he said, " ’tis brown, nearly black. I thought pastors always spoke the truth."

9781928136286 - $ 29.95

Special Pre-Publication Price till June 30, 2014 $ 24.95

ALCOCK, DEBORAH - GREAT AND GOOD - KING ALFRED - 9781928136316 - $ 9.95

Not Available Yet


Check for this book and other new titles

GIBBS, PHILIP - NO PRICE FOR FREEDOM - POLAND WWII - 9781928136293 - $ 29.95

Check for this book and other new titles

KOK, J. - MEISTER ALBERT EN ZIJN ZONEN - 9781928136279 - $ 11.95

Not Available Yet


Not Available Yet


9781928136255 - $ 11.95





Journey Through the Night

by Anne De Vries

After the Second World War, Anne De Vries, one of the most popular novelists in The Netherlands, was commissioned to capture in literary form the spirit and agony of those five harrowing years of Nazi occupation. The result was Journey Through the Night, a four volume bestseller that has gone through more than thirty printings in The Netherlands.

"An Old Testament Professor of mine who bought the books could not put them down nor could I."

Dr. Edwin H. Palmer

"This is more than just a war-time adventure. The characters have vitality, depth and great humanity."

The Ottawa Citizen

Now in its Fifth Printing:



9781928136385 - $ 11.95



9781928136392 - $ 11.95


Volume 3: DAWN'S Early Light

9781928136408 - $ 11.95


Volume 4: A NEW DAY

9781928136415 - $ 11.95

Fourth Printing Still Available:


Time: 1940-1945 Age: 10-99

ISBN 0-921100-25-6 $29.95




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