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Gold, Frankincense,

and Myrrh

Daily Meditations on the Bible

by Klaas Schilder

4 volumes $39.95

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Audio Download 12 monthly volumes $15.95

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Audio Book on 24 Compact Discs $59.95

DVD-ROM with MP3 Files & Ebooks

with both the English and Dutch editions of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh

met zowel de Nederlandse en Engelse edities van Goud, Wierook en Myrrhe

by / door

Klaas Schilder

More than 60hours of Biblical education on more than 800 audio files

(includes also all complete articles on MP3 files -- undivided -- of the longer mediatations that are divided for the daily meditations)

All Meditations are read in Dutch and English by Roelof A. Janssen

Includes Schilder’s own voice in the Dutch edition of Your Ecumenical Task

Heeft ook een MP3 versie van de originele toespraak van Klaas Schilder

Uw Oecumenische Taak, zoals uitgezonden in 1951 op de Radio


SCHILDER, KLAAS - GOLD, FRANKINCENSE, MYRRH - VOL. 1 - 9781894666848 - $ 11.95

SCHILDER, KLAAS - GOLD, FRANKINCENSE, MYRRH - VOL. 2 - 9781894666855 - $ 11.95

SCHILDER, KLAAS - GOLD, FRANKINCENSE, MYRRH - VOL. 3 - 9781894666862 - $ 11.95

SCHILDER, KLAAS - GOLD, FRANKINCENSE, MYRRH - VOL. 4 - 9781894666879 - $ 11.95

Audio CD Your Ecumenical Task

by Klaas Schilder

read by Roelof A Janssen

Translated from the Dutch into English. The original Dutch version is also available on CD and included on both the above-mentioned DVD and the DVD with PDF files of De Reformatie.

“. . . so good, so encouraging, so Scriptural,

the best speech I’ve ever heard.”

Also included on CD:

Stigmatized & Princes and Nobles

by Klaas Schilder


Nederlandse Editie / Dutch Edition


9781894666350 - $ 49.95

AUDIO Download of DUTCH edition

978189466635AUDIO - $ 15.95

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9781894666268 - $ 16.95


9781894666275 - $ 16.95


9781894666282 - $ 16.95


The World, our Home by Dr. C. Van der Waal

Christians between creation and recreation

For the Christian there is no choice to be made between gospel and culture, and no antithesis between culture and the Christian faith. Van der Waal does not promote a false sense of optimism, but does oppose cultural pessimism. The believer is the rightful heir to this inheritance. The cultural mandate has as much a place in the New Testament era as does the mission mandate. On that basis, he calls us to cultural engagement and to living life on this created earth as whole human beings with bodies as well as spirits and souls. We are not to transform culture, and certainly not to counter it, but simply to fulfill our calling. Christians are called to be salt and light, not only through pure doctrine and preaching to save souls, but by showing how life is meant to be lived on this created earth. As part of our mission mandate, we need to be able to have meaningful dialogue between Jerusalem and Athens. That dialogue should point back to creation and the new creation (Easter), and forward to the resurrection of our bodies.

Subject: Theology / Ethics Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-37-4 $11.95


Precious Memories Series

In an area surrounded by the big woods of Wisconsin, the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, Walnut Grove and Plum Creek, and the prairies of south Dakota, a new generation of faith settled in to till the earth and subdue it. These were the days of the first automobile, the introduction of electricity, gas furnaces (that had the tendency to explode), and world wars. Carol Brands has depicted a very accurate account of the true story of Katherine, a country girl, whom God in His providence granted the opportunity to pass on precious memories for countless generations to come. It is our task to take up the baton and carry on this wonderful work. You and your children will thoroughly enjoy the stories as they are read out loud, or read in the quiet of a comfortable chair. Perhaps these stories will even inspire an excursion to join many others in visiting places such as Rock Rapids in Iowa, and Leota and Magnolia in Minnesota. Take the time to explore De Smet in South Dakota and Walnut Grove in Minnesota. RELIVE LIVING HISTORY so that children (and their parents too) understand times past to be a blessing in times present - for the glory of God!

Little White Farm House in Iowa

by Carol Brands

A Fictionalized Biography of Katherine Vastenhout

Precious Memories:

Book 1: The First 10 Years

Comments from Readers on Book 1“ . . . a wonderful book . . . spiritually uplifting . . . warm human insight and nostalgia . . . delightful reading as I recovered from hip surgery. I’d like to order four more copies . . .”

— Middle-aged female reader from O’Fallen, IL —

“This is no sappy, quasi-Christian literature; this is the real deal. . . the proverbial diamond in the rough . . . I am going to see that the library at Heritage Christian School, where my children are enrolled, has several copies . . .”

— Tom Bergman, editor, Perspectives, Spring issue 2012 —

“. . . One of the finest Christian books I’ve read for young people . . .”

— Prof. Ron Cammenga, professor in PRCs’ seminary, MI —

“If only it could be circulated as widely as Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie.”

— Herman Otten, editor, Christian News, April 16, 2012 —

Time: 1930-1940

Age: 13-99

978-1-894666-38-1 $11.95

Carol Brands calls herself primarily a mother. Born the third of sixteen children, Carol was already a “mother” to her younger brothers and sisters during her adolescent years. After she finished college, Carol continued to work with children, teaching for twelve years. At age thirty, she married and became a mother to her own eight children, four boys and four girls. Once they were all in school, she worked for another twelve years in a local care center. Now she is thrilled to enter the stage of grandmother, anticipating her eleventh grandchild in 2013.

Little Yellow Farm House in Iowa

by Carol Brands

A Fictionalized Biography of Katherine Vastenhout

Precious Memories:

Book 2: Years Eleven through Seventeen: World War II Years

When the Kroontje family moved into their second tiny house, they had no idea that within months of their move Uncle Bill Tilstra would be assigned to the USS Arizona, the first ship Japan bombed in Pearl Harbor. Nor did they know that three of Uncle Bill's ships would be destroyed – but that he would be spared from death in ways that were clearly God's providential care . . . yet so horrific that he hated talking about the war.

While war loomed in the background, Uncle Bill always on the family's mind, Katherine's farm life continued with a mixture of stories – some humorous, some serious, some full of neighborliness, some with tragedy.

Join the Kroontje family — living daily life on an Iowa farm even while World War II is being fought across the oceans.

Time: 1940-1945

Age: 13-99

978-1-894666-39-8 $11.95

Strangers in Minnesota

by Carol Brands

Precious Memories:

Book 3: Years Eighteen through Twenty:

The Romance Years

A new state . . .

A new home . . .

A new church . . .

“I am a stranger here, within a foreign land,

My home is far away, upon a golden strand . . .”

When Katherine and her family moved from their tiny home near Rock Rapids, Iowa, to a new home near Magnolia, Minnesota, this is how Katherine felt her first Sunday in a new church.

She felt lost, totally bereft of friends and familiarity.What had she and her family done? They had left everything near and dear behindto start completely over!

Would she ever be able to fit in?

To find friends?

To feel like she belonged . . .?

978-1-894666-40-4 $ 11.95

Set of three books

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New Inheritance Publications Books 2011

Trust God, Keep the Faith

by Bartha Hill - de Bres

The Story of Guido de Bres

During the late sixteenth century the Reformation was sweeping across Europe. As the Bible became a loved book by the common man, many people questioned the beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church at the perils of their lives. By torture and cruel deaths the priests attempted to return these “rebels” to the church.In the midst of this battle Guido de Bres lived as he died — trusting God and keeping the faith.Nearly five hundred years have passed since he was born, but the confession of faith written by Guido de Bres — a wonderful summary of God’s Word — continues to live on in the lives of Reformed people around the world.This book, written by one of his descendants, is about Guido de Bres. It describes the time in which he lived, and the confession of faith God allowed him to write.Though intended for older children it also will be enjoyed by adults.Time: 1522-1567

Age: 12-99

9780921100102 $9.95


by S.G. De Graaf

A Commentary on Lord’s Days 1 - 22

of the Heidelberg Catechism

What is true faith?

True faith is a sure knowledge whereby I accept as true all that God has revealed to us in His Word.At the same time it is a firm confidence that not only to others, but also to me, God has granted forgiveness of sins, everlasting righteousness, and salvation, out of mere grace, only for the sake of Christ’s merits.This faith the Holy Spirit works in my heart by the gospel.

— Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 7, Q&A 21

9781894666961 $19.95


New Books 2010

Prince and Heretic by Marjorie Bowen

A Novel on William the Silent vol. 1

"The mind and the soul are not in the keeping of king nor priest — no man has a lordship over another man’s conscience. All history has proved that." —William of Orange

Here is a fascinating historical novel for teenagers and adults about one of the greatest heroes of all time. William of Orange, considered today the father of Europe (and who can also fittingly be called the step-father of North America and the whole free western world) sets the stage as stadtholder of the Roman Catholic King of Spain, Philip II. William, though a nominal Roman Catholic at the time, determines to help the persecuted Protestants and in the process marries the Protestant Princess Anne of Saxony. But will Anne truly be a helpmeet for her husband? When he is pressed to take up the sword against King Philip he does not hesitate. In his struggles, William not only finds the God of his mother but grows in courage and the conviction that God has chosen him to be a faithful instrument to gain freedom for Christ’s Church. William sacrifices all his possessions to pay the hired soldiers, but is it of any use? His brothers, Lodewyk, John, Adolphus, and Henry, also give all they have for the cause of freedom of a country which can hardly be called their own. Behind these heroes, a faithful praying mother, Juliana of Stolberg, waits for news at the German castle of Dillenburg.

Time: 1560-1568 Age: 13-99

ISBN 978-0-921100-56-0 $17.95

William by the Grace of God by Marjorie Bowen

A Novel on William the Silent vol. 2

The sequel to Prince and Heretic, by Marjorie Bowen.

King Philip II of Spain is prepared to make any concession to the lowlands, except freedom of conscience and worship and thus William of Orange continues in the struggle for true liberty. More important noblemen and personal friends sacrifice their lives, leaving few of William’s original friends alive. But Charlotte de Bourbon is ready to encourage her hero despite all the crises he must endure. When Leyden is under siege William becomes ill. Will the cause have to be given up?

King Philip, in the meantime, is furious because he cannot get rid of William. Everyone on his black list is dead but not the most important one: William of Orange. In a fury he writes the Ban and publishes it abroad. With this permission to dispose of his enemy in any way, the King is sure someone will kill William for him. After all, they will receive a great reward: a high position and name, wealth, fame . . . Will King Philip’s plan succeed?

Time: 1569-1584 Age: 13-99

ISBN 978-0-921100-57-7 $17.95

Three Men Came to Heidelberg by Thea Van Halsema

& Glorious Heretic: the Story of Guido de Brs

From the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation came two outstanding statements of faith: The Heidelberg Catechism (1563) and the Belgic Confession (1561). The stories behind these two historic documents are in this small book.

Frederick, a German prince, asked a preacher and a professor to meet at Heidelberg to write a statement of faith that would help teach his people the truths of the Bible. The result was the Heidelberg Catechism.

The writer of the Belgic Confession was a hunted man most of his life. Originally he wrote the confession as an appeal to the King of Spain to have mercy on the Protestants he was persecuting in the Lowlands. Not only was the request denied, but for his efforts the brilliant heretic de Brs was imprisoned and hanged by the Spanish invaders.

Time: 1556-1587 Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-89-3 $9.95

This Was John Calvin by Thea Van Halsema

Roger Nicole: "The most lively and readable biography of Calvin available in English."

J.H. Kromminga: "Though it reads as smoothly as a well written novel, it is crammed with important facts. It is scholarly and popular at the same time. The book will hold the interest of the young but will also bring new information to the well informed. . . . This book recognizes the true greatness of the man without falling into distortions of the truth to protect that greatness."

John Calvin comes alive as the author brings imagination as well as research to bear upon her subject. Her portrayal of the Genevan reformer is both appealing and honest.From this account, Calvin no longer is seen merely as "carved like a monument in the panorama of human history," but has become vivid, lifelike, and real. This is biography at its best.

Time: 1509-1564 Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-90-9 $11.95

The Baron of Salgas A True Huguenot Story by Sabine Malplach

and: The Cross and the Crown & The Carpenter of Nmes

Two Huguenot Stories by Deborah Alcock

The Cross and the Crown tells about a man by the name of Gabriel Vaur. After the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes (1685), life once again became very dangerous for the Huguenots in France. When the Dragonnades came, Gabriel tried to get help, leaving his father, sister, and brother behind. Would he ever see them again? Would he ever be able to flee France and reach England?

The Baron of Salgas is the true story of the Baron and Baroness de Salgas. Even though her husband forbids her to be an open Huguenot, the Baroness knows that her Saviour had said that whoever would deny Him would be denied by Him. So one night she made her escape to Geneva. Would her husband follow? Would he recant? What would happen to their sons who were taken to the convents?

The Carpenter of Nmes goes back more than a century to the year 1569 and tells about a man named Jacques Maderon. When the pastor tells him that Christ had said, "Son, go work today in My vineyard," he knows it is time to do something. Then the father of his friend was imprisoned. Would he succeed to cut the bars of the gate and so make way for the Huguenots to enter the city and deliver it?

Time: 1568-1715 Age: 13-99

ISBN 978-0-921100-69-0 $14.95

Bobby’s Friends by Phia van den Berg

The publisher’s most favourite juvenile story

"Lights!" Jessie announced loudly. Suddenly everyone was awake. Karachi appeared beneath them on the lefthand side. At first they saw only a narrow strip of tiny lights, but soon it broadened. The plane swung sideways as it turned, gliding above the sea of city lights. The children hadn’t paid much attention to the other landings during the trip, but this one became very exciting!

Pakistan! Every year a part of Western Pakistan underwent a drastic flood, washing away all the gardens and homes of the inhabitants. Father Falois, agriculturist, was asked by the government to try to control the floods. But life in Pakistan was so different for Bobby and his siblings. The worst part was understanding the people, that breach between the rich Muslims and the poor Christians. How would Bobby find friends? Would the screaming, proud, millionaire’s son, Sadiq, be a friend, or would Jahja, the very poorest of all? Who would be faithful when danger came?

Subject: Fiction Age: 9-99

ISBN 9780921100515 $9.95

". . . was sorting through old pictures today and found this one. It was taken eleven years ago . . . on my son’s birthday party. See all those party boys listening to a beautifully told Bible story by Anne DeVries! We have read these books over and over and they are now falling apart. I would love to buy a big stack to equip my grown up children (we have nine — all busy growing) [with] these two bible story books so they can read them to their children. They are written precisely to Scripture, by a man who clearly understood God’s redemption plan and portrays it in a faith-building way. I have bought and read other Bible stories but none so able to build a child’s faith. My Mom read these books to me and my siblings in Dutch and how I loved them. So I am pleading with you to republish them."

— MvV at Q, BC

Story Bible for Older Children

by Anne De Vries

This story Bible is a classic in which Anne DeVries touches on the episodes recorded in Scripture one by one, bringing them to life for children through dramatic dialogue, imaginative description, and careful attention to narrative structure. The exquisitely detailed and unique illustrations by Cornelis Jetses reinforce the story of God’s dealings with His people in a beautiful way. For Age: 7-12

Old Testament ISBN 978-0921100-96-6 Can.$29.95 $29.95

New Testament ISBN 978-0921100-97-3 Can.$29.95 $29.95


0921100-96-6/97-3 $55.95

Proceedings of the International Council of Reformed Churches, 2009 - New Zealand

Including the following papers on

The Vitality of the Reformed Faith:

George Knight III: Facing the Challenge of the Charismatic Movement

Nelson D. Kloosterman:Facing the Challenge of Individualism in the Churches

Frank van Dalen :Facing the Challenge of Islam

Mohan Chacko: Facing the Challenge of the Asian Context

Subject: Theology / Ethics Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-0-921100-70-6 $12.95

The Glorious Gospel of Grace

Sermons on the Heidelberg Catechism by Rev. G. Wieske

. . . our great and gracious God will reward the faithfulness of His children. Not because He has to, but because He wants to. He is like a father who promises his children to reward them for the work he gives them to do. Because He loves His children, He wants to encourage and inspire them . . . Who performs the good works believers do? Who is the source that allows them to produce fruits of thankfulness? Who else but God? Who else but the Spirit of Jesus Christ? . . . All thoughts of merit disappear in the light of the gospel of the crucified Christ . . . What an incredible display of divine mercy! The only answer to it is a life of love for the mercies of our God. Merit implies calculation. Earning credit points does not demand love. But true believers don’t keep a record of their good works. They are overwhelmed by the gospel of grace. Their fruits of faith well up from hearts that stammer: "What shall I render to my Saviour now, for all the riches of His consolation?"

— From the sermon on Lord’s Day 24

Subject: Heidelberg Catechism Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-0-921100-71-3 $39.95

Dort Study Bible - Volume V - 2 Chronicles - Job

The number one choice for personal Bible Study and for group Bible Study!

"The importance is that we see how ecclesiastical awareness runs throughout Scripture, and that we use this to teach us what church consciousness really is. The men who gave us the Staten Bijbel (the Dutch title of The Dort Study Bible) had an eye for that. This is clear from the annotations which are still worth while to consider." —Rev. H.H.J. Feenstra (in Was Abraham Reformed?)

Subject: 2 Chronicles - Job Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-55-8 $24.95

Other volumes also available:

Vol. 1 Genesis and Exodus ISBN 1-894666-51-8 $21.90

Vol. 2 Leviticus - Deuteronomy ISBN 1-894666-52-6 $21.90

Vol. 3 Joshua - 2 Samuel ISBN 1-894666-53-4 $21.90

Vol. 4 1 Kings-1 Chronicles ISBN 978-1-894666-54-1 $24.95

En Route

by Clarence Stam

A Daily Christian Devotional

366 devotions for the entire year. It includes Psalms and hymns and qustions or points for discussion.

IP12872 $16.00

The Elder

by Cornelis Van Dam

Today’s Ministry

Rooted in All of Scripture

To rediscover God’s gift of eldership for the church today, we need to go back beyond the New Testament to the origins of the office of elder in ancient Israel. There we discover the enduring principles that guided the elder in antiquity and that guide the church today. In this book you will develop a renewed understanding of the office of elder and of godly discipline.

"Rooted in the deep soil of Reformed faith and practice, The Elder is a treasure at a time when much gets lost in translation from theory to practice. I heartily recommend this book for current elders, elders-in-training, aspiring elders, and those who seek to be blessed by their labors." — Michael S. Horton

IP12535 $17.99

The Overflowing Riches of My God

by Clarence Bouwman

Revisiting the Belgic Confession

The gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ touches people’s lives where they laugh and cry, work and sleep, walk and drive. Four hundred years ago Guide deBres — a man of like nature to anyone alive today — put to paper what he heard God say in His holy Word. He did so in order that his congregation might receive encouragement and instruction in the midst of life’s dust and dirt. As the God deBres confessed in the Belgic Confession does not change, Christians living in today’s tumultuous times can still receive encouragement and instruction from this creed of centuries ago. This book attempts to give the reader a feel for how believers of long ago worked in trying circumstances with the promises God had earlier given in Holy Scripture. The link is then made to our times, and how today’s believers can benefit from the way yesterday’s believers worked with God’s revelation. This book is for those who wish to know better who the God is that leads and governs every event in today’s world. Questions to assist discussion conclude each chapter.

IP12315 $18.00

With a Shepherd’s Heart

by John R. Sittema

Reclaiming the Pastoral office of Elder

Here is a much needed book containing many helpful ideas gleaned from Scripture. My suggestion is that you buy and devour it. — Jay Adams

John Sittema gives elders a fresh and thoroughly Biblical perspective on their work as shepherds in the church. Our elders have discussed many of the author’s articles previously published in "The Outlook" with great profit. This book makes being Reformed exciting.

— Pastor Thomas Vanden Heuvel

IP12832 $15.00



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