On Thursday, November 15, 2007, Spotted Cow Press launched Joyce Harries’ first book of poetry – Twice in a Blue Moon: Poems by Joyce Harries – at the University of Alberta Bookstore in Edmonton. Friends and fellow poets came to hear her read and provide support for this significant event.

There were others in the crowd who came not only to hear Joyce, but to see the new Espresso Book Machine at work. Joyce’s book was the first trade book produced by this machine. Todd Anderson, Director of the award-winning University of Alberta Bookstore, discussed the machine and how he had decided to buy one after he and Jerome Martin of Spotted Cow Press heard Jason Epstein of OnDemand Books discuss this new printing invention at the Fourth International Conference on the Book in Boston, October, 2006.

There are four Espresso Book Machines in the world at present: in the Library at Alexandria, Egypt, the World Bank, the New York Public Library, and the one at the U. of A. Bookstore.

Jerome Martin, Publisher at Spotted Cow Press, introduced Todd, who welcomed guests to the bookstore. Jerome then introduced Joyce who read poems from Twice in a Blue Moon. The crowd so enjoyed her reading that they asked her to read more – and she did.