So many things shone – in feeling, in phrasing, in WISDOM…how lucky you were to have had such a wonderful marriage…liked your reference to aging. Those of us no longer young have got to insist on being heard….the University Bookstore is lucky indeed to have such a fine book to launch its new printing press.
Merna Summers, Edmonton

The book is beautiful in design, appearance and most of all in content. You’ve entered a whole new level of relationship with language and it shows beautifully
Eunice Scarfe, Edmonton

…a wonderful read!!! Love, loss, motherhood, aging – you covered it all.
Pat Wood, Naramata, B.C.

Sent your book to my sister in England who phoned to say how much she enjoyed it and likes your sense of humor. She never phones me so this was really something
Wendy Davis, Edmonton

…been reading your poems aloud…breathtaking!
Nancy Singleton, Victoria

After reading your book I decided to choose my favorite three poems, but stopped counting at ten. So many pieces hit home.
Al Veljacic, Naramata, B.C.

I consider most poetry pretentious and inaccessible. You prove me wrong. Any baby boomer will relate to your poems. Twice in a Blue Moon is a life lived in poetry.
Dolly Dennis, Edmonton

About your book…something I’ll pick up frequently…a mood to it that’s very strong…brilliantly done…all the emotion in a few words
Fred Ritchie, Naramata, B.C.

So many images and heart-felt emotions using few words is pure genius. My husband, who doesn’t read poetry – ever - picked it up. Later, looking dazed, couldn’t believe he could truly enjoy poetry. He was actually stunned. Used all the adjectives I had in my mind.
Kay Guthrie, St. Albert

Your poetry is magic…touching…descriptive
Sarah Fawsset, Bath, England

…what a great creation! What a pleasure to have it in one’s hands, have the words settle on one’s heart. Thank you for putting it all together.
Kathy Fisher, Edmonton

I cried, I laughed out loud…so much tenderness
Donna Quigley, Calgary

Read your little gem of a book last night after hearing you. You read exquisitely.
Marnie and Brian Sproule, Edmonton

Read much of your book in the car to husband Ed. We were both entranced.
Mary Fitzgerald, Edmonton

Your words tell stories, stir emotions, make human connections.
Dianna and Gordon Millard, Edmonton