Just as the moon moves through its cycles, so too, does life. In Twice in a Blue Moon we are invited to follow Joyce Harries as she cycles through seventy-nine years of living. This lovely collection of poems about love, loss and the tenuous trials of aging is written with courage, humor and an unflinching honesty.

The poet calls up aromatic memories as she looks back at the joys of being a daughter, wife, mother of six and grandmother of seventeen. Widowed at fifty-eight her poems tell it all -- nearly all. From her beginnings, middles, endings and then, like a blue moon, beginnings again, Harries graciously shares the wisdom of her years. We are grateful for her spunk and her willingness to embrace the day and keep dancing to the beat, beat, beat even while contemplating selling her cat on e-Bay or getting a parrot named George.

This is a tender book where the poetry falls as delightfully as the delphinium petals dropping on her kitchen table.

-- Diane Buchanan, author of
Ask Her Anything (Rowen Books, Edmonton, 2001) and
Between the Silences (Frontenac House, Calgary, 2005).