Bonnie Ben Lomond © four-colour wood engraving (ed. 25) image: 5 x 7 in. $160.00 (go to "Hi There" for purchase information)
Mt. Ben Lomond is an Ogden Utah icon. Ogden is nearly surrounded by mountains and it's easy to tell which direction North is from anywhere in the city because that's where Ben Lomond is. William Hodkinson, a native of Ogden and the founder of Paramount Pictures is said to have patterned the Paramount logo after Ben Lomond Mountain.

This colour print was produced using the reductive method which means that each of the four colours was printed from the same block. Wood was first removed from the block wherever white was to appear in the print. Then the lightest colour (pale blue-grey) was printed on all of each sheet of paper. Then wood was removed wherever the shadow is in the snow. Then the blue of the sky was printed, registering to print in the same position on the paper as the first colour. The next step was to remove the wood where the sky is located and a light tan was printed from the remaining surface of the wood on each sheet of paper. The next wood removed was the area of the trees and areas of the rock and cliff details. The final colour printed was the black.

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