These eleven wood engravings were commissioned by Porcupine's Quill Press to accompany the book Beasts of New York by Jon Evans (published in 2011). Mr. Evans presents the book as "a children's book for grownups". The protagonist is a squirrel living in New York City's Central Park. He is forced to confront betrayal, wars and terror, which begins one late winter morning when he awakes to find his caches of buried food gone. Each image is 5 X 4 inches and is in an edition of 25. (go to "Hi There" for purchase information)

A suite of these prints has been compiled and organized by Heavenly Monkey in Vancouver, BC and is available from Jim Westergard. For more information and an image click HERE.

"Beasts of New York" © $90
"Coast is Clear" © $90
"Hawk Launches Squirrel" © $90
"the King Beneath" © $90
"the Old One" © $90
"Queen of All Cats" © $90
"Rat King" © $90
"Siva" © $90
"Snout" © $90
"Talis the Fox" © $90
"War of Squirrels" © $90

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