A broadside (or broadsheet) is a term given by printers and those working with presses, to identify a single sheet of paper with a composition of type, often with an image. Broadsides had their origin with early book and newspaper presses as a means of heralding an upcoming publication. The term, ephemera is similar but often is connected with small examples of type composition. It referred to pamphlets, notices or tickets; printed items with a temporary use. Both are often referred to as "literature for the wall".

"The Fly on the Wall" © Jason Brink & Jim Westergard - wood engraving & handset type (ed.80). Arches cover paper: 15 x 11 in. $170.00

Text set in 14 pt. Bembo with red drop cap and title in Castellar 30 pt. on Arches cover white.

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The expression, "Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall for that conversation?" has been applied to a series of short stories by the writer Jason Brink. Jim Westergard and Jason Brink have created a book titled "Fly on the Wall", published by ECW Press in Toronto April, 2008. Brink and Westergard were feeding each other images and stories for over two years. First Brink would send Westergard a story, which Westergard would respond to with a pen and ink drawing. Later, an occasional drawing would influence a story. These stories, which Mr. Brink calls "flash fiction", describe a fly in situations where private conversations, moments and encounters are observed. Each story is accompanied by a pen and ink drawing of the fly at the opening of the story. There are fifty-three "Fly on the Wall" stories and drawings in the book.

"FJW" © Jim Westergard - wood engraving & handset type with wood type in light blue (ed.5). Arches buff cover paper 11 x 7.5 in. NFS

Text set in 14 pt. Bembo with green drop cap in Castellar 30 pt. and wood type printed in light blue grey.

My father, F. J. Westergard, would have celebrated his 100th birthday on May 4, 2008. To commemorate this day I created this broadsheet in an edition limited to the number of his children.

"Hero" © wood engraving and handset type. (ed. 134) Text is set in Bembo 12 pt. with wood type printed in light blue grey. Zerkall mould made paper 10.5 x 7.5 in. . $150.00

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A clear and powerful memory of my hero. (the wood engraving, titled Who was that masked man? is in a separate edition)

At the time I was working on the layout and text for this piece I was invited to participate in a portfolio of ephemera for the Fine Press Book Association. The timing was perfect. I simply made the decision to increase the size of the edition.

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