"Hereward the Wake's Teeth" © wood engraving (ed. 30) image: 6 x 4 in. $95.00 (go to "Hi There" for purchase information)

I was asked by Simon Brett to provide a wood engraving for the Society of Wood Engraver's annual Christmas book in 2006. The book that year was "Snippets", a compilation of humorous essays on various topics by the author N.F. Simpson; Hereward the Wake's Teeth being one.

Hereward the Wake was an eleventh century leader who resisted the Norman Invasion (the descriptive term "wake", by the way, refers to wakefulness or being "on guard"). He had a set of ill-fitting false teeth which would fall out at inopportune times. Especially inconvenient during battles, and he was most pleased when he was able to recover them before they were trampled. A limited edition of 500 copies of the book have been printed directly from the blocks by the Libanus Press, Marlborough, UK. The Book is available from SWE. Contact the Society's secretary for information.

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