"Loose Mask" © relief engraving (ed. 30) image: 4.75 x 8 in. $120.00 (go to "Hi There" for purchase information)

During my first visit to the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City I saw a terra cotta piece which I think was Aztec. It was a face. Inside the eyes and mouth of this face were the eyes and mouth of another face. It was a beautiful piece of art, period, but the multileveled symbol of this fascinated me even more. From the moment I saw this little piece of sculpture in the museum and read about the symbolism of masks in the Mexican culture I have expressed mask concepts in my work.

This print was engraved on a synthetic material called "Micarta", which was a gift from my son, Kurt. Micarta is a synthetic material and a substitute for ebony. It's sometimes used to make knife handles and for finger boards and bridges on guitars. Though it is black like ebony and is impossible to draw an image upon I enjoyed the challenging experience working on it. I worked without a preparatory drawing and I was pleasantly surprised to find the engraved lines turned lighter in value than the un-engraved surface. The result was a block surface which resembled the white line nature of the finished print.