"Morning Farm Report" © wood engraving (ed. 25) image: 8 x 10 in. $120.00 (go to "Hi There" for purchase information)

 I listened to the morning farm report early on cold winter mornings, through earphones connected to a home made crystal set, while my Dad poked around in the furnace, restarting the fire. Without knowing the meaning of the report, I recognized that what they were saying was coming from a totally different culture than my city one. It was like a different language to me and held me spellbound. A separate edition of this print is part of a collaborative suite called "Prairie Music".

I was invited to participate (with six other printmakers and a poet) creating a suite of prints and poetry. The prints and poetry of this suite were printed, and assembled for distribution, at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Since the artists and poet in the project are all from the American and Canadian Prairies, the title chosen for the suite is "Prairie Music". The other participants in this project are: Derek Besant, printmaker from Alberta; Warrington Colescott, printmaker from Wisconsin; David Faber, printmaker and originator of the project, originally from Illinois; Gwen Frank, printmaker from Alberta; Robert Hedin, poet from Minnesota; Karen Kunc, printmaker from Nebraska; and Frances Myers, printmaker from Wisconsin.

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