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Mother Goose Eggs, sunnyside up © is a 64 page, hand printed, limited edition book. The paper is Zerkall mould made white smooth. There are 25 small two-colour wood engravings of the nursery rhyme characters and 25 larger wood engravings (b/w) of the nursery rhyme characters after they "retired". The title page includes a three-colour wood engraving and the title is printed in red. The wood engravings and hand set type were all engraved, set and printed by Jim Westergard on the Vandercook SP-15 press, affectionately named, "Spanish Fly". There are 80 copies, bound by the former Colin Bate Books of Calgary, Alberta.

Mother Goose nursery rhymes, which date back many hundreds of years, include some with situations which assault the innocence of the preschool children they're usually read to. These wood engravings are portraits of the characters of these particular rhymes which contain violence and abuse. The cute little characters have been imagined as having grown and aged, following their various traumas, abuses and adventures.

The "Mother Goose Eggs" portion of the title on the cover and title page was designed by then nine year old Chase Kwalleck from Wasatch Elementary School in Ogden, UT, with the assistance of Ruth Spanos.

30 are 1/4 leather and cloth over boards in a slip case and contain an extra print in a paper folio. They are priced at $1000.00 Canadian (plus postage and packing)

50 are full cloth over boards in a slip case and are priced at $800.00 Canadian (plus postage and packing)

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"This is something I've been looking for for years and seldom found: a book, with text, in which the pictures drive the meaning. Even Lynd Ward's great novels in woodcuts, wonderful as they are, are a different thing - there are no words. Even the best illustrated books are usually led by the text. Here, Jim Westergard takes the well-known texts of nursery rhymes, adds to them a sad or sarcastic comment which acts as a sort of hinge and then - wham! - rams the idea home with an image." - Simon Brett, MULTIPLES, September, 2003

PAPERBACK EDITION: A paperback version of Mother Goose Eggs, sunnyside up has been published by Porcupine's Quill Press and is available at most Canadian independent bookstores or on line at or directly from the publisher, Porcupine's Quill Press.

One child in three knows better than to trust Mother Goose.
(The artist and his friends Carson, Melisha and Cassandra, reading Mother Goose Eggs sunnyside up.)


A sample of the page layout is represented here by "Taffy".

quarter leather binding and slip case


cloth binding and slip case


Editions of the individual "retired" characters have been printed and are available. Click on a thumbnail below to see a larger version. A few samples of the "younger" portraits are included as examples but these are only in the book and have not been printed separately.

In deluxe binding

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