The dictionary defines "odd" as:

"a - left over after others are paired or grouped; b - separated from a set or series; c - not regular, expected, or planned; d - encountered or experienced from time to time; e - differing markedly from the usual or ordinary or accepted: PECULIAR. synonym: see STRANGE."

This is a collection of portraits of people who were out of the ordinary, unique, peculiar or strange. There are victims and victors, some worthy and some unworthy and some just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then there are some in this group who simply had very odd names. Click on a thumbnail for a larger image.

The portraits were gathered together in a beautiful limited edition (30) book, printed and published by Heavenly Monkey of Vancouver, British Columbia and beautifully bound by Claudia Cohen of Seattle, Washington. There are no longer any copies available from Jim or Heavenly Monkey. Click on the thumbnail of the dark blue book (below) to see more about the Heavenly Monkey edition. Porcupine's Quill has published a trade edition of Oddballs in December 2015. Click on the thumbnail of the other book (below) to see more about the Porcupine's Quill edition.

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