The Prisoners © wood engraving (ed. 25) image: 8 x 6 in. $110.00 (go to "Hi There" for purchase information)

The Prisoners is the first version of this concept. The second is titled Two Prisoners, Busted.

This wood engraving will be in an exhibition that is part of a project organized by the Boston Printmakers titled Look Again. Members were asked to view a selection of prints in the collection of the Art Complex Museum in Boston and to select a print or prints that inspired them. I selected an intaglio print by Jack Levine (an artist whose work I have admired for many years) titled The Prisoner.

I saw an Aztec terra cotta piece in the Museo de Antropologia in Mexico City many years ago that I found very strange. The piece in the museum represented the Aztec agriculture god Xipetotec who reflected life-death-rebirth. I had also learned, when I first toured some of the archeological sites in Mexico, of an Aztec custom of sacrificing prisoners, flaying their skins, then sewing other prisoners into the skins. There were also ceremonies in which performers wore skins of sacrificed prisoners to represent Xipetotec.

It's possible to be a prisoner, not only in a jail or prison but a prisoner of time, fate or environment.

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