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Morning Glory
Hubbard Squash
Sweet Pea
Wax Beans

Seed Catalogue: A Poem is a semi-autobiographical prairie poem by Canadian poet Robert Kroetsch, who lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The poem was previously published by Turnstone Press of Winnipeg. A new edition, illustrated with wood engravings by Jim Westergard, was published in hardcover in 2004 by Red Deer Press of Calgary, Alberta. All the wood engravings for this book can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnail images above or below. The book, Seed Catalogue: A Poem, may be ordered from most bookstores or on line from

Robert Kroetsch is internationally acclaimed as a poet and novelist. He is also widely acknowledged in Canada for his literary criticism and theory. Robert Kroetsch won the Governor General's Literary Award for fiction with his novel The Studhorse Man.

The seven small wood engravings (above) are one inch square and are placed at various points through the book, where Robert Kroetsch has used quotes from a 1917 seed catalogue he found in the Glenbow Museum and which was his "archeological" motivation for this poem.

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