Jim was working on a series of prints titled "Wee Beasties" and was searching for new subjects in entomology texts. He turned a page and there it was, in the "bug book". . . SPANISH FLY . . . It really existed! Wonder-Of-Wonders! A substance, written off long ago as a myth, and it actually existed! Its scientific name is Lytta Vesicatoria and it lives in Europe (including Spain). The bug book said there's a preparation of juice from this insect called cantharides, which is said to act as an aphrodisiac! There's only one small problem: according to the book, as little as 0.03 gr. is a lethal dose!

Jim produced some prints of his interpretation of "Spanish Flies" then, later when his old Vandercook SP 15 proofing press was moved from storage, into the new studio, he figured it ought to have a name. People give names to inanimate things like ships. This machine was an important part of the new studio and it needed a name. Since he was in the middle of printing these Spanish Fly prints and the insect series was on his mind, it seemed only natural to give this old piece of machinery that name.

A WORD ABOUT PRINTS . . . These are original prints, not reproductions of a drawing or a painting. The images are printed from a block, which has been engraved. The editions (multiples of the same image) are limited . . . very limited, numbered and signed.

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