"They're Here!" © wood engraving (ed. 40) image: 7 x 5 in. $100.00 (go to "Hi There" for purchase information)
George Adamski announced to the world, in the late 1940s, that he had seen and photographed flying saucers. As if that wasn't enough, he later announced that he had met the "space brothers" from those saucers. Then, just in case that didn't get the world's attention, he announced later that he had been given a ride through the solar system on one of the space craft, and that he had visited the planet Venus (miraculously surviving the toxic atmosphere, now known to exist on Venus). George was born in Poland and moved to the U.S. with his family when he was a toddler. Eventually he became somewhat of a mystic and moved with his followers to a property near Mount Palomar. It was here that he claimed he and some of his friends saw their first UFOs. The photographs which he later took of flying saucers look suspiciously like light fixtures, complete with rings at the top for hanging. One of the space brothers met George out in the California desert but would not allow a photograph of himself. The only evidence of the visitor George provided was a plaster cast of the spaceman's footprint.

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