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The old adage, "Do as I say, not as I do!", doesn't work with the nursery set. The adage that works for the little ones is, "Monkey see, monkey do!". They also do as they hear. A nursery rhyme which casually describes a woman chucking an animal over a wall by the tail sends a lesson that cruelty to animals is OK. (It also lets the kiddies know that if granny is strong enough to pitch a calf over the wall she's nobody to mess with!) The next time you read about some little kids who were caught torturing or abusing an animal, think about the possible source of that behavior.



There was an old woman sat spinning,

And that's the first beginning;

She had a calf,

And that's half;

She took it by the tail,

And threw it over the wall,

And that's all!

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