Two Prisoners, Busted © wood engraving (ed. 30) image: 8 x 5.5 in. $110.00 (go to "Hi There" for purchase information)

Two Prisoners, Busted is the second version of this idea. The first is titled The Prisoners.

An Aztec terra cotta piece in the Museo de Antropologia in Mexico City inspired both images. The piece in the museum represented the Aztec agriculture god Xipetotec who reflected life-death-rebirth. I had also learned, when I first toured some of the archeological sites in Mexico, of an Aztec custom of sacrificing prisoners, flaying their skins, then sewing other prisoners into the skins. There were also ceremonies in which performers wore skins of sacrificed prisoners to represent Xipetotec.

The element of aging and who we are at various times in our lives plays a part here.

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