Congregational Life

As well as worshiping together, our congregation has an active communion through out the week. 

Our children are taught the doctrine of the Canadian Reformed Churches using the Heidelberg Catechism as a guide. This instruction begins at the age of 12 and carries on until they publicly profess their faith.

There is also a study society for the the adolescent members of the congregation that is organized and conducted by the adolescents under the supervision of  the church council.

Our congregation also has three different study groups that meet during the week for the adult members of the congregation. 

As well as study societies our congregation, together with out sister congregation in Neerlandia, Alberta,  operates a private Christian school, the Covenant Canadian Reformed School. The school is governed by a board made up of parents who are members of either the Barrhead or Neerlandia congregations. The school follows a curriculum based  on reformed Christian principles which is governed and approved by the province of Alberta. 

There is also an Entertainment Committee in our congregation that arranges social events for the congregation in an effort to strengthen the communion in the congregation through social interaction.