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Change Log

   This log was initiated on 2002 October 4 and will record significant changes made on and after that date.  Minor format or wording changes will not be listed.

2007 June 25. REITs/trusts section updated.

2007 February 25.  Gold section modified to indicate that some products may not be RRSP eligible.

2006 November 7. Several minor changes, including warning on income trust tax measures. "Black Swan" subsection added to Risk Control section.

2006 April 14.  Future return estimates in "Portfolios" section revised.

2006 January 28.  Revised to include ETFs XRB (bonds), IAU/IGT (gold), and to add brief discussion of trust ETFs and closed-end funds.

2005 December 13. Revised to remove TD ETFs.

2005 November 16. Revised to include changes to Barclays Canada ETFs.

2005 August 7.  Value and growth EAFE ETFs added to foreign content section.

2005 July 31.  Preferred share section modified to include importance of yield-to-worst.

2005 June 30.  "Slice-and-dice" of international holdings added to foreign content section.

2005 March 9.  Vanguard Emerging Markets ETF added to foreign content section.

2005 March1.  Updating of list of bank preferred shares discontinued and active link removed.

2005 February 26.  Modified to reflect changes in the 2005 budget.

2005 February 18.  Link to established.

2005 February 6.  Subsection on "Active Management and Costs" added to section on cost control.

2005 February 2. established.

2005 January 25.  Floating preferred list updated.

2004 December 15.  Link to Montreal Gazette column added.

2004 December 15.  Bond section revised to include new iUnits Scotia Capital Universe Bond Index ETF.

2004 December 4.  Frames page (retireinvest.htm) renamed index.htm and redirection instituted. Links should now point to

2004 November 18.  Gold ETF (NYSE: GLD) added to gold section.

2004 October 17.  Vanguard REIT ETF added to REIT section.

2004 October 1.  Section on simple balanced-fund RRSP portfolios added to portfolio design section.

2004 June 1.  Tax-loss strategies updated to reflect disallowal of loss if the same security is immediately repurchased in an RRSP.

2004 April 15.  All external links tested and revised as required.

2004 April 14.  Floating-rate preferred list updated.

2004 March 30. Video portion of Global TV interview added.

2004 March 27. registered.  Audio portion of Global TV interview added.

2004 March 25. On-line questionnaires added to section on Designing Your Portfolio.

2004 March 2. Link to "Total Return" site added to dividend growth section.

2004 February 29. Broken links fixed.  Future growth section modified to reflect further valuation changes. 

2004 February 24.  Dividend growth and corporate information links in Canadian stock section updated.

2004 February 7.  Four-component index-fund comparison updated to latest data.

2004 January 21.  Link to outdated REIT guide removed.

2003 December 31. Integrated Microsoft Word version created for download and printing (size about 1M). Note: the within-document  hypertext links are inoperative in this version.

2003 December 11.  Asset Allocation section divided into Asset Allocation and Risk Control.  Description of systematic and unsystematic risk added.

2003 December 5.  Description of iShares Lehman Treasury Inflation Notes ETF added to bond section.

2003  December 4.  Section on efficient markets added to Asset Allocation section.

2003 November 3.  Link to Canadian Trader site added to trusts section.

2003 October 24.  Google search function added.

2003 October 8.  Description of iShares Lehman Aggregate Bond ETF added to bond section.

2003 September 24.  Example showing "income" portfolio sectoral composition added to section on Canadian stocks.

2003 September 20.  Tip on avoiding all-or-none (AON) orders added to preferred share section.

2003 August 31.  Discussion of the "Four-Component Portfolio" added to the portfolio construction section.

2003 August 30. "Ed's portfolio" example in portfolio construction section updated to improve distinctions between component funds.

2003 August 23.  Preferred yield-to-call spreadsheet further improved to include quarterly compounded return and calculate final dividend on final quarter day count. 

2003 August 18.  Description of FPX Indexes added to Asset Allocation section.

2003 August 17.  Preferred yield-to-call spreadsheet improved to include dividend dates.

2003 August 8.  Discussion of currency hedging added to foreign content section.

2003 June 24.  Link to Deloitte and Touche REIT Guide added.

2003 June 17.  Income trust primer added to links.

2003 May 29.  24-hour gold chart added to gold section.

2003 May 17.  Link to DBRS Income Trust Ratings added.

2003 April 11.  Data on Barclay's Emerging Market ETF added to foreign content section.

2003 February 9.  Paragraph added to REITs/trusts section warning that "limited partnerships" will be regarded as foreign content in an RRSP.

2003 January 25.  Example of floating-rate adjustment mechanism added to subsection on floating-rate preferreds.  Paragraph on equally-divided Can/US/EAFE equity allocation added to portfolio construction examples.

2003 January 11.  Subsection on floating-rate preferreds added to preferred section.  List of floating-rate preferreds included.

2002 December 24.  Cost and trust sections modified to include warning to check the tax status of income trust distributions before purchasing.

2002 November 18.  Formula to adjust rate of return for cash inflows and outflows added to appendix in portfolio section.

2002 November 14.  Link to story warning of reserve depletion added to royalty trust subsection.  Canada Life added to dividend list.

2002 November 13.  Link to new Bogle speech added to future returns subsection.

2002 November 12.  Sections reformatted to include internal hyperlinks.  Estimation procedure for retirement amount added to asset allocation section.

2002 November 11.  Subsection on designing your portfolio added to Portfolio Construction section.

2002 November 10.  Canadian Content section combined with Canadian ETF section.

2002 November 4.  Subsections on "Defining your Goals" and "The Face of Risk" added to asset allocation section.  Vanguard link on creating an investment plan added.  Long-term bonds redefined as "medium risk".

2002 November 3.  Expanded Table of Contents added.

2002 November 1.  Glossary added.  Second example of setting up a portfolio added to portfolio section.

2002 October 31.  Comparison of index funds and ETFs added to ETF section. 

2002 October 27.  Example of effects of bear market on income, balanced, and growth portfolios added.  Allocation ranges added to risk table in asset allocation section.

2002 October 24.  Gold section added.

2002 October 22.  Javascript key-word search added.

2002 October 21.  iREIT data added to REIT section.

2002 October 16.  REIT/Trust section revised and updated.  Example in portfolio section modified to include percentage targets and explicit rebalancing protocol.  Bonds section expanded to include GICs and link to Euro-denominated RRBs (OATI€s).

2002 October 14.  Risk table added to asset allocation section.

2002 October 6.  Example of setting up a portfolio added to portfolio section.  Preferred list quote source changed from Globeinvestor to Yahoo.  Bylo's list of index funds added to links and ETF section.  

2002 October 4.  Change log added. Preferred share data updated to include recent Money Reporter issue. IAG added to dividend list. Dividend list quote source changed from Globeinvestor to Yahoo.

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