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A Primer for Canadian Do-It-Yourself Investors


Keith R. Betty



Current Articles

This Primer has not been updated for several years, as my current writing efforts are focused on finiki, the Canadian financial wiki.  Some of the articles of which I am the principle author and which can be thought of as supplementing or replacing articles in this Primer can be found on my new home page at Canfinancial.



   The purpose of this web document is to serve as a primer for Canadian do-it-yourself (DIY) investors who wish to manage their own investment portfolio.  It is aimed particularly at individuals who will be using their investment portfolio as the main source of retirement income.  It is designed to educate investors on how to take control of their investments in a cost-effective manner. 

   These pages are under permanent construction and revision, as I add a sentence here and a section there, or make some format changes.  Modifications other than minor format or wording changes will be shown in the Change Log.  Major additions will be indicated by showing an "updated" note on the navigation bar on the left.  If the navigation bar is not visible, it is possible that you have not reached my home page; try here.

   The date on which a given section was last revised is shown at the bottom of that section.

   A printable Microsoft Word version of the Primer is here (size approximately 1M).  The internal hypertext links in the Word version are inoperative.


   I would like to thank the posters at "The Wealthy Boomer Discussion Forum", including George$, Bylo, Gummy, Dibhinn, Norm R, old hand, "nfsnfs" (Norbert Schlenker), dufferdon, Zantors, ialwayslovenascar, active, DanH, steves, and many others. Together these posters have provided much of the inspiration (and many of the links) that I have included here.  Particular thanks are due to Jon Chevreau and Tony Humble, who supported the forum for many years.  This work, although it reflects my own views, really belongs to all of them. Any mistakes are, of course, my own.

About the Author

   Keith Betty is a retired do-it-yourself investor who uses his portfolio as his main source of income.  His investment portfolio uses dividend-growth investing for Canadian stocks; exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for his U.S. and international exposure; and Real Return Bonds and a low-cost short-term bond ETF in his RRSP.  More information about his investment profile can be found in this Globe and Mail article, this National Post column, this Montreal Gazette columnthis section of a Report on Business supplement, and the following Global TV interview:

     Global TV interview (mp3 audio) (1Mbyte)
     Global TV interview (Quicktime video) (20 Mbyte).

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