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The QuitNet

This is an excellent site. There are resources to aid in choosing the method that will work best for you. The greatest strength of this site are its forums. Clicking on talk and you will have a variety of forums to discuss what ever aspect of the quit that concerns you. The site is easily navigated and has an excellent system to display all postings to the bulletin boards. There is a live chat as well. This site is international in membership and there will be someone on line to aid in your quit 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

A few of Our Losses Extensive list of media celebrities who have been killed by tobacco and smoking.

Al's Smoke-Free PageMore smoke-free links, stories and resources.

 American Lung Association

This link has a wealth of information on quitting and back links to lung disease.

Blair's Quit smoking Support.comThis is a good site with a wealth of information, support, and links to other sites. Definitely worth checking out.

Canadian Lung Association

This page provides links to Canadian provicial lung associations and support groups. There are also links to other Canadian quit smoking sites.

CD's CDC's Tips This site provides information, guides, tips and has a counter showing the number of young people who have become smokers this year.

Eric's A hilarious quiz lampooning some unstylish aspects of smoking.

 FDA DocumentA document from the federal register.

Habit SmartAddiction information and more links.

Smoke HelpAn excellent link.

le site d'Info-tabac: A Quebec anti-smoking page, all in French.

no cigarette Life Saving Cigarettes no cigarette
This site provides a way to cope with the problem of what to do with your hands. There are links to other art by the page owner, and links to the Smoking Cessation Ring. Worth checking out.

THE LUNG CANCER AND CIGARETTE SMOKING WEB PAGE: This page was written by a thoracic surgeon who has himself kicked the smoking habit.

NicNetThe Arizona Nicotine and Tobacco net.


The A good starting place for information on quitting smokeless tobacco.

The An excellent source of articles and help for quitting smoking and other self help topics This site has excellent quit meters that can be downloaded to your task bar to run continuously whether you are on line or not. There are news stories, chat and other resources available as well.

ToddL's The quirky tale of a closet smoker's struggle for freedom. An excellent page.

Why As this page states it: "Why quit? Because smokers can and do die young." This excellent resource has stories and pictures that will help to motivate you to quit smoking. Tear