Hopes Honest Apprehension

In Spring my heart began to talk to hope
As the frost left the earth love melted
A soul of permafrost became fertile soil
The flower of passion and lust bloomed
Hot tempestuous and tortured
Self-inflicted pain grew out of false beliefs
And temporarily imagined fears. Through
Summer's growth, rapid, painful, and honest
Love deepened, became the soft seed;
Watered by the hot sun of need
Loneliness gave way to lost despair;
Hope rose from the ripening stalk
Once more the heart begins to talk of
Love; deep and sweet, hope sleeps with faith;
This belief holds tight to truth and honest apprehension.
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

Fall glitters

Fall glitters filled with promise
Golden crown, the years glory
Leaves release two seasons stored
Light in one brief blaze of color
The eye marvels as the soul smiles
See the plan unfold with grace
Glory and love, the free gift.
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

Terrorist as Buffoon

I shall call no terrorist Master mind,
No Beast given flesh or great evil
Cowards, buffoons, and ignorant fools
Watch as with courage they hide
Behind women, children, and rhetoric
Bravely sentencing children to death
Making war on the unprotected and innocent
See the coward heroically flee from battle
Hiding beneath bunkers of gold and wine
Eating pork and caviar with the wrong hand
Laughing as sycophants, fanatics, and the misled
Die for their folly, greed, lust, and sin
Bold terrorists, fornicator of goats
Cowering behind the unborn child
Sends the faithful to murder God
Such courage to fight innocence
Such bravery to skulk in dark corners
Such integrity to know no truth
Filled with arrogance and ignorance
Spewing hatred from every pore
Reeking of hell, sin, death
The ordure follows every step of the cowardist
These buffoons shall have no respect from me
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

This is life?

This is life?
Hunched before the screen
Struggling not to be seen
Batter mindlessly against the flickering light
Mail consumes endlessly repetitive
Meet me, task me, another dollar earned
Working without pleasure, no joy
Grim squinted expressions conceal
Fear in electronic glare. dream
Slow motion dreams play
Meadow romps, the big fish caught,
Moonlight beach nights and love
This is life?
There must be more than living for the weekend.
There must be meaning beyond the next paycheck.
There must be hope.
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001


Anticipation's expectancy builds
The storms approaching imminence, horizon held
The sun yet to rise shines on
Tomorrows change as certain as the day
Unscheduled, yet surely stated
Body hairs rise as the ghost of promise
Passes, stops, and returns to stare
The pregnant moment gives birth
Chaos ordered by driven desire
This moment, not another
Holds the joy sought in vain
Tomorrow or yesterday lose meaning
Only this moment exists, and ever will.
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

See the Miracle

Even for a Sunday it is quiet

Wisdom and knowledge fled
Leaving me confused by sorrow
Listen to the subdued silent Sunday
Even here we huddle together
Hanging onto family, friends, Love
The only answer we find to hate
Assuming sanity rules the mind

Giving hope the response overwhelms
See the father of three stand in line
A days wages lost to give life
His coming hunger a small price
The child's prayer of innocence cries for peace
The sane respond in word and deed
A million acts of kindness spread hope
The hand of God acts through all as
One act of horrendous hate is denied by
A billion small acts of kindness and love
We repudiate the lie, the horror, espoused
By one small insignificant monger
Of hate, war, chaos, and greed
God Stands by you, look into His
Tear stained eyes, See the miracle.
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

Sorrow and Grief

With the blood red rising mist
Innocence turns to sorrow and grief
What sun can lift this memory?
Though the sun did rise
Against hope, with hope, for hope
Forgive me for I have not the strength
To love thine enemy, who has become mine.

I sit behind the wheel the radio silent
The horror became too much, no more
Wednesday I stopped reading, listening, watching
One name and age in a long list
Of names and ages
My heart broke anew at hopes loss

Two years old.

Half masted the flags signal her death
Our death.
And I wonder will the tears ever end.

Sex screams counterpoint the child's cry
Through open windows life sounds carry
Reminders of existences continuance
The dark of dawn approaches another day
Sleepless yet, stare at the new moons brilliance
Wondering how love is changed to hate
Hate thy neighbour with passion and diligence
Heaven awaits the one who kills the most
Would it were so simple
Confused the mind travels from extreme to extreme
To weak to love, to strong to hate
Insanity celebrates chaos reaping the reward
Power, wealth, praise and death.

The hoe rises flashing in dawn's light
Reflecting a smile from the past
Feeble flickering light from the monitor
A message of hope and promise sent.
Innocence clashes with despair
Hope rages against hate
Naive I believe the promise of peace
And hold on to the desire for love
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

A Lament For My Family

I weep for my two-year-old daughter
Giggling with joy she returns to mommies arms
I weep for my grandparents
Dreaming of their return to family's love
After the long dreamed second honeymoon
I weep for my husband
The strong memory of his arms as
he left for work tight on my heart
I weep for my wife
Her perfume still lingers where her
Soft hand brushed my cheek, smiling
No time for a kiss this morning
I weep for my brother newly promoted
First home, first child never to know Daddies
Hug, whisker rub, pride
I weep for my courageous sister stepping
Beyond boundaries, setting aside family, for now,
For the career of her dreams
I weep for my daughter fresh graduate
Proudly she leaves for her first day
I weep for my son strong, noble, and brave
Donned his uniform and stepped forward
To save, to rescue, to protect


Slaughtered innocence murdered
Cowards hiding behind the cloak
Of zealots, fanatics, the desperate
So despicable the atrocity even cowards
Dare not claim responsibility
Through tears I watched



Wondering how envy can become hate
Hate so powerful death becomes pride
And I weep for my lost innocence
I weep for my family
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

Love For Family

I watched in horror while
Atrocity steals hope, ends dreams.
Thieving the future promise.

I have no courage to speak
(Though I work on hope)
Words of love for family
Stick behind the lump of denied tears
The restrained hug, more than human contact
Wondering how to say what should be said
For I would have you know
If the unguessable future brings the undeniable
Though vehemently denied in act and deed
You have my love by blood right,
By friendship, family, and time.
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001


Worn weather-beaten and weary
He stares at battered pennants
Broken doors and shattered shadow walls
Fierce battle was waged won and lost
Behind him stands the Lady
Strong the courage that carries forward
Hope into the child in her arms
Wondering does the strength to lift
Swing, Stand firm, and strong remain
Yet, choice has led to this point
Determination, belief, and love
Carry the feet beyond today into tomorrow
Turn, smile confidence no deception
The calloused hand reaches for softness
Sanctuary's search begins anew.
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

Love's Idol

Fecund growth crowds fear from the path
Pushing past rain wet boughs
I step into the clearing
She stands glory frozen beneath
Willows weeping shadow
Long stone hair caresses bending knees
Clovers' flowers hide feet of clay
Unchanging expression exposes wistful
Desire, love's longing, tomorrow's hope
Outstretched the rose falls from the hand
Forgotten as life's woes crowd around
Replacing yesterday's rose I kiss dew wet tears
From sun warmed golden cheeks,
Hold tight for a moment, trace lips of ruby
Brush the hair from ivory brow
And stare deep into cerulean eyes
Smile at my love and return to the path
I whisper farewell, to return tomorrow
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

Last Nights Coffee

I poured last nights coffee
Start the day with memories of you
With cheerful song and dazzling light
The maiden arrives and I wonder
Does a tear form at this beauty
Do you wonder if I see as you see

You reside within thought
I turn to share, forgetting briefly
Physically apart, you hold my heart
Through days and weeks the emptiness
Fills with mundane chores unseen
Perfection resides on my beauty burnt eyes
Reality passes unseen in memory of tomorrow

Sliding beneath couched covers
The moon greets the days end
Glory celebrates the finish
Another day closer, or is it further
I reflect on your day hoping you met some joy
Felt the peace I sent with every hope
Of love wrapped tight in my arms.
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

You Are

You are my comfort, my joy
You are my bright light
The sun of my life
You are the soothing rain
Easing the parched earth of my soul
You are my full sensual moon
Driving the tides of deep desire
You are the spring of my winter
The renewal of youth dreams
You are the smile on my face
You are the fire of my smoke
You are my hearts sweetest kept secret
You are the lyrics of my music
You are the coffee in my cup,
The dream in my day
You are the fresh in my air
You are the blessing in my miracle
You are the love of my life
You are.
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001


I shared coffee and a muffin,
Low fat honey apple,
With Beauty and her daughter
We spoke the mundane to life
Holding close the important comfort
Nights dark terror eased by family
Blood speaks the words of need
We met to share the words of want
Speaking over the crowds roar
Memory's rebirth, the never was given life
We spent a precious moment in care

Copyright @M.Lingrell2001


Would any see
Punishment, ridicule, harassment
For the crime of being me
Write no words
Strive to hide within crowd
Silent the chameleon blends into the wall
Peers hide the fear of difference
Speak no opinion the group decides

Worth less than others
Meekly awaiting fates cruel jab
The blow that steals the just reward
Pipe dreams of love, marriage, family
Drift through smoke hazed futures
Spread the wings, rise
Beauty to beauty, the phoenix flies
Ashes fiery death brings a rebirth of hope
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001


I choose to believe to choose
Beauty surrounds my soul
The dark beats against my flesh
Virginal, dawn rises, smiles coquettishly
Shadow leaches the souls strength of hope
Peaceful acceptance strengthens desire
Fighting clinging to the last vestige of hate
Giving the final cent, a gentle smile cares
Killing for the last smoke, hates addiction
Love cradled close against a stormy night
Horror crashes down tearing soul's peace
Peace sings, the doves joyous sound
War slaughters innocence, the gentle soul
Choose love, hate, light, dark,
And you will see