Full of It

Full of some days and dreams
Fear rules the life with no escape.
The gift of love unlocks the cage
The newly healed flee free into tomorrow.

Every day a new dream rises from yesterday;
Striving to find success in silence
The miser hoards the final coin;
Lust builds upon anger and hate,
Greed steals the bread from death,
Love smiles at folly and dreams;
Consumed by passion and desire
The dying man pays life's debt.

Walking the forest trails
Lynx sly hunt rabbits brave;
Pine trees shelter the scream
Rage builds behind the screen
Clothes drape in spots silhouette
The perfect figure steps into view
Becoming the memory of youth,
Longing and loving desire
Raise hopes of passion and silk;
Wrinkles show experience and wisdom

Rocking on the porch whiskers
Uncut, old clothes and rotten wine
Visions of yesterday become the child's breakfast;
Bikes race down empty streets
Screams of joy as fish find hooks
Return to then, beginning not end
The stolen kiss, doctors and nurse
The bottle spins, this is sin?
Youths passion, exploring the opposite
Intimacy becomes new every night
The marriage bed holds cold hope close
Passion fades before familiarity.

Rising from memory myth spears
The spoken word; the phoenix's ashes
Hold the forgotten memories of past
Life lost to flames of unbearable passion
Rising anew in the evenings set;
Liberally sprinkle gray hairs on
Aged head and whisper of loves rebirth
The fox falls into the badgers' den
Cursing the day of birth scrambles
Scratched from the New Year

Tamarisk tremble to thoughts of time
Fall bright; the new light springs
Distant dreams of rebirth and lust
Needles fall in winters rising winds
Discontent dedicates derision to whispers
Dismayed by daring the bear seeks the den
Cigars, old books and port; scented
By years of communion and disagreement
The shelves hold tomes of memory
Bric-a-brac from distant journey's
Snuggles against photos of love and youth
Lying before the blazing fire
Cuddling the summers heat close
Bear dreams of strawberries and whips
Leather grips tight flesh close
Concealing the exposed shape
Passion rises with every sinuous move
The seductress saunters onto the stage
Youthful curves crumble before time
Giving over hope to sagging buttress
The maiden sighs remembering tomorrow

Sun shines the afternoon away
Lying in the shade of dreaming
Cold frost rises from open lips
Wolves dance across naked skin
Singing of love and moons full bright

The fiddle scrapes the raw note
Beneath midnight's window, wake!
Love rises to scream soaked sexual
Tension holds the cord taut by sweat
Saliva and solvents of choice and taste
Emptying the cauldron in slow flow
Bats become mice and men wake
To kiss frogs and princess' dream
Of fallen knights rising to rescue
Another day stolen by time passes
Slow tick waits behind long tock
Hours and hours drag the sodden mess
From room to room seeking the smile

Star bright night competes to hold the days dream
Muffins devour the moment of sin
Cold coffee parches the choked words
Captured by dandelions fluff fairies
Float from dream to cloud cities
Where angels speak to mortals
Words of wisdom lost in who cares
What strength in anger that strikes the child
Devourer of hope, eats another doughnut
And spouts words of belittlement and mockery
Clowns skitter behind terrifying masks
Red nosed deer drink another shot, shaking
Fear the hunter laughs at sport
Over paid, under paid the beggar grasps
One final mark on the page of desire
Written by the mad poet of yesteryear
The critic takes the final pleasure
Meaning becomes locked in desolation.
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

The Captive Heart

My soul has memorized the melody of your symphony
From the opening cord of your good morning smile
To the play of moonlight on soft white satin skin
Gentle strains of passion rising to screamed release
My heart is captive to your soul
My soul cries for hope lost in your fantasy
The dream incomplete, night scenes, cries in the empty dark
I wait in hope, for I love You
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

The Long Winter

Fog quenches the suns rise
Drowning the early morning burning desire
Fading veils of half truths and love
Rise, exposing the bleak landscape of despair
Ravens scream across deaths' moor
Waking the dead and dying

Though that has passed into the dream of was

Through the long winter I wandered
Did one exist who shared my desire?
Erotic explorations limited by love alone
Cherries, chocolate, and wine
Feather traces flesh in passionate compliance
Turkish baths unexplored but dreamt
Beneath willows bower on clovers carpet
We found forever in the moment
More yet, long nights of unending passion
Waking united in flesh and spirit
Follow the day of deep desire
Every night a new delight discovered
Satin skin traced by fingers find no sin
Eyes lie closed by lips pressed tight
Two equals exist in united ecstasy
United, undivided by submission or transgression
What power could divide such passion
What power could devise such passion
Winters depression claimed my soul
I quit looking for my hope

Deep within passions flames yet smouldered
Banked by fear and denial, waiting
Waiting forever, the mind taunted
Hope yet glimmers that love will wake
Fan the smouldering embers, exploding into ecstasy
Passion unconfined by chains of dream
Wake in the morn to soft kisses
Quick clasp at noon to calm the raging desire
Long nights, passion filled, desire unending;
But winter never ends, the deep cold
Frosts the soul with empty mute mocking words
The dream dies with the flames passion
For dreams give no reality, no knowledge, no hope
Growth lies stagnant in the moment
Inception is completion for futile winter dreams
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

Hazel and Fire

Deep within the mountains skin
Dragon dreams on mounds of gold
Diamonds glitter and pearls pulse
Deep breaths bathe wealth in calm flame
Dreaming of no more wealth, greed fades
To dreams of love and passions deep exploration
Warriors of might and brawn leave rusting
Armour and swords still unblooded
Thieves of stealth and guile
Lie hidden behind moldering rags
Not one mote was lost, 'til one
Maid, soft, sweet, innocent arrived
Guide me from this mountain maze
And all my life a labor to increase
One eye, door sized, opened before her
Gazing deep into hazel the mountains still
Crept over her soul, peacefully she dreamt
Passions dreams, loves dreams, hopes dreams
Dragons have stamina and strength
In time, a long time, the maid, no maid
Wandered dragon struck amidst the stars
Marked by saurian desire, men were mocked
For what man can match the dragons might
Her laughing cry shamed "only once tonight?"
Unwed, unmatched, until one of mountains memory
Bowed before her argent grace
Offering her his heart he proffered passions peace
Love fulfilled the deeper need
She slept free of dreams of hazel and fire
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001


Shivering beneath the blazing autumnal dawn
Cold dead cry for life, blazing in Hades flames
One final flash of lust, earth and glory
Fleeing before the mad suns arousal
Seeking comfort in day sleep
Rise, life courses through engorged veins
Lusts fulfillment dies in desires wake
Ghouls hide their glory behind
Contempt and putrefaction, rising
To deny soft sweet words
Evil deceives with gentle beauty
Lust rises for hidden desires
On the final days setting sun.
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

Ephemeral Eternity

But it matters not for eternity resides
Within the fleeting glance, the passing smile
The spoken name, whispered across barren miles

Covered in the gore of guilt and self-deception
Hands of despite rise high in unspoken plea
Upon bent knee bowed head seeks redemption's peace
Closed eyes hide behind shadows and despair
Afraid again, freedom grips the chains tight
Angels anger forestalled by submission
Open arms absorb hate, freely accepting the excuse
This absolution is mine, for you, the heart cries
Sinking deep into the sin of self delusion and hate
Tears hide behind driven desire and lust's need
What truth lies in knowledge but ignorance and guile
Give me no submission, but strength
Rise from your knees and dare my eyes
Grip tight courage and wit, strangle the snake
Of self-contempt, and forbidden sin

Empty words echo between hollow ears
Follow the trail of tears, down cheekbones, past fears
Soul deep the wound uncut by dulled persistence
In truth no soul more beautiful for
Angels of glory struggle to free the
Child soul within the wounded heart

Arms open accepting the winds of pain
Soul shredded, renewed coalescence in growth
Undaunted by denial the rose of love blooms
Neither raging nor surrendering to life's apparent futility
Accepting the pain and moving closer
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001


Truth is a problem in perception
Denial is easy, acceptance is nearly impossible
Denial hides behind truth, acceptance bravely faces reality
Denial provides the excuse of unworthiness,
Acceptance bows to the honesty of self-worth
Denial fights stability, garnering chaos
Acceptance creates change, in order
Denial weakens the soul with guilt and fear
Acceptance spreads wings of courage and flies
Denial is passive and weak
Acceptance is active strength
And truth is the biggest lie
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001


Battle weary the bitter and beleaguered
Dwarf lowers Hate and glares
The slaughtered mountain yet resists
Long withheld rage explodes in
Torrents of abuse and slurs mumbled
Breath to precious to waste in smog
Hated air of death, destruction and fire
Elfin taunts still ring in burning ears
This remnant of humanity remains within
Refusing slaughter, denying genocide
The mage still guards, though long dead
The chosen heir rises from the crib to cry hunger
Alone he wanders slaughter, seeking mothers comfort
Soul survivor, last of humanity,
The first mage wakes to power in death
Fear deceives wit, fooling the intellect
He flees riding the slaughtered goats back
Dubious freedom beckons with skeletal claw
Vowing, one day the dead shall rise
Avenge their innocence with love
Sensing failure the beaten dwarf
Raises Hate and cries havoc
The slaughter of the dead begins again
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

Death's lover

I slept in graveyards on all hallows' eve
Daring the dead to rise before time
From crypt and coffin, with rattle and scream
Affronted by my existence the full moon witnessed
My trial by death's minion's and acolytes

A tribunal of three fearsome ghouls sat judgement
Disease, pestilence, and war grimaced at their latest victim
Prosecuted by death herself, what hope had I
Demanding fair and honest trial by peers, denied
I pleaded for honest representation, a defense
Choosing from the remaining slaves, guile stepped forth
Asking what crime I had committed the boredom began
As proceedings droned forth, I cared not,
Being mortal all end up in deaths cold embrace
Though hoping not tonight, I cared not

Scanning the crowd I caught the eye's of sympathy
There sat one loved but yesterday
Another long gone waved in love
Another glared from a skull long empty
Sympathy, love, and hate still resided
In deaths gallery of witness's
Smiling I returned to hear the final sentence
One day you shall be mine Lady Death screamed
Anger and defeat raised the gore

Beauty never seen before gazed into my eyes
My heart went to her in that moment
She smiled and said I will wait a while
Sleep again, we will meet again

I woke to dawn, sun bright on my eyes
Marveled at the dream I dreamt
And returned home.

This was many years past,
Death still comes every Halloween
Smiles at my love and whispers
Not this year, as her cold arms hold me close
Death loves a mortal tonight
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

Loves, caress

Love caressed my flesh and moved on
Leaving me aroused and desiring more
Intimate words shared between two
Long lingering kisses without care
Passionate embraces, holding public affection
Words share dreams on the pillow of love
Warmth pressed tight, holding cold at bay
Long lonely nights forgotten past horror
Tears shed in happy joy at discovered beauty
Discovering love anew beneath the willows bower
Love caressed my flesh with passionate desire
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001


I reach out
I wish
I desire

But no

I wait for you
Today, tomorrow, forever
Silence consumes all sound
But the hearts soft weeping
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001


In darkness I stare at the flickering light
Monitor the unchanging mutable future
Love found, lost to war, changed by time
Grow cold distant and aloof
Hidden behind desire and deep fear
Freedom becomes the soul wish
If only these chains bound me not
I would
The chains remain, unseen or seen
We choose our responsibilities
Accept reality, forget the dream
Forge the truth on anvils of denial
Love resides within, immutable, unchanging
Waiting for the bounds of soul
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

Stone Softens

What cry but time could soften stone
Cold stone, hard stone, indomitable stone
Cracked and weathered by centuries of storms
Seasons of love pass within, cradled close
Crumbling softly into hard gravel offspring
Holding tight to love waiting beneath
Soft willow whispers comfort to deaf ears
Hard coldness supports soft tears
Deep within granite the heart beats
Time reaves the soul but love remains
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

Another Step

Choked by briars and brambles the
Harsh trail denies ease and comfort
Blood drips from elbows as
Hands rise in a plea for peace
Drawing deep the breath of courage
Eyes shut in promise, another step
Pain blossoms to acceptances need
The right path hides behind hardship
Wrongness draws the eyes to
Bright blazing lights of glory and loud
Booming bass beats the rhythm
Follow the easy path to corruption
No! The soul cries to falsehood
Eyes shut to false delight and easy desire
Pace brave, blood's path, tear blind,
Another step
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

Wolf Quest

Running exposed across snow frozen plains
Hunting hungers satiation, the wolf quest begins
Forever lone the enduring wait before time
Continues forward into times ending
Howl the moon into bright fullness
Nose snuffles snow for the hot scent
Seeking the souls answer to despair
I waited, I wait, I will wait
Forever is lost in the moon's moment
For there is only today, truth is perceptions problem
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001


Walking city dark streets, still the bustle;
Just for a moment.
Shivering beneath cold lights
Watching dead eyes walk in safety
Life returns in emptiness.

Scurry head down, briefcase and frown
Larger homes, faster cars, younger lovers
Hopeless dreams calling forth pity
But the empty dream is mine
Staggering through woe worn doors
Return to the bleak walls, forlorn
Last nights' dream fades before today's reality

The unfamiliar bathes in remembrance
Strangeness crawls up the spine in shiver
Blistered feet frozen to cement, cry
Where is home for the unhomed?
In days past I left home downcast
Returning with joy to what had been left;
This reversal finds wonder in the new
The forgotten question rises again
Haunting the familiar with strangeness
Choosing without choosing eyes tight
Sideways progress watches the past
Close around waking the child within
Frosty rises to throw the first snowball
Lost angels create laughing children
From fresh fallen snow, and hope.

Another walking heart attack hides
Eyes fixed frantic on unmoving traffic
Ignoring the soft white beauty
Not seeing the first green or summers riot
Fall was another day, just yesterday?
Stumbling beneath yesterday's cares
Today's trouble slaps the anger into empty eyes
The banshee screams alluringly leading
The forlorn hope into the night
Beneath the needle's might another
Lost soul cries in pain huddled debris
Down dark alleys fearing the light
Walker of shadow praying on
Innocence, pain, fear, and despair
Fake ecstasy leads the lost to seek a fix
Boardroom cold leather surrounds the struggle
The child dreams the cold nightmare to life
From frozen eyes memoirs of slights and insults
Rising from the ghost of false friendship
Hearty back slaps place friend and foe in one.
Playground competitions continue in sin
Seeking safety in sex the secretary moans
Dreams of tropical nights and flowering sites
The hound howls the secret hunger
Lust driven, the sweat soaked moment ends
No recrimination only tears and regrets
Power stolen in cum spent ignorance
The barfly returns to his cage
Greets acquaintance with shaking hands, drinks
The shake away, scarf holding memory
Close to lips, fire quenches desire
The intellectual elite enters decaying edifices
Pomp, power and staged imaginings
Swaggering beneath their self imposed ignorance
Frost furls from the buses lips
Disgorging another load of hopeless
Dead eyes chase dead dreams down empty streets
Tumble weeds of wealth, lust, and greed
Following the easy path,
The empty path,
The dreamless path.

Wealth becomes poverty and we wail
Fickle fate follows whim and whimsy
Seeking ecstatic entrance into oblivion
Dawn rises on the cities new day.
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

Tarpaper and Sweat

Abandoned clapboard anamneses
Huddle close to ancient windbreaks
Bankrupt depression stolen dreams
Empty churches stand sentinel
To dead hopes and mouldering memories
Rotting tarpaper smells of laughter, sweat, and love
Another cold winter abandoned to warmth.

So many forgotten stories left behind
Beguiling, tales of hope and horror
Promises kept and lost in hardship and ease
All lost and forgotten but for fading paint
Far flung offspring return to stare
Gram and Gramps lived there?
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

Loves Refrain

I love you
Three simple words
Words that changed my world
Words that pull me ever forward
Searching for a way to be
Wrapped in the warmth of your heart
I had no home until you spoke
Three words gave me home and hope
Across distance I reach in silence
Crying words of passion unfilled
How much longer can I wait for
You fill every unmet moment

In the dark night I fear
Will we ever surpass the words
Will we ever touch, flesh to flesh
Can we ever be more than hope
Is there a place in your life
For a lonely old man who repeats the refrain
I love You
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

Snow dares to visit the earth

Snow dares to visit the earth
The Ice Maiden teases the flavor
Fall whispers a frigid farewell
Welcoming the arrival of the final season
Crawling beneath warm and fuzzy gift blankets
Turning up the thermostat for warmth
Pulling the memories close I seal my eyes
The dream rises slowly to warm the soul

The cold storm rages beyond the window
Fierce breezes threaten icy oblivion
Snow slices and pounds on shutters
Deep beneath the sheltering warmth
We snuggle and share the beauty
This storm speaks to our love
Muting the soft passionate cries
Rising in time to the loud crackle
Flames blaze forth flickering light
Dancing across the fevered blankets
Calming for a moment, then not

I move and the blanket falls from my loneliness
Exposing the emptiness of my soul
Barren my heart seeks the warmth of the dream
Finding little solace in the quiet bleakness
Of the winter winds howling around.
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

I hold no violence within me

I hold no violence within me
No great anger waits to surprise, though
Once I knew how to rage
I raged against my innocence
I called down my enemy to battle
Fierce cries rose through dark night
I strode with brutal bravado through emptiness
Raising fists against skies of ebon dark
Who could face the ire of youth?

The fear subsided, and I began to look
Embracing my gentleness I faced the anger
Finding terror unknown lurked in rage
Contemplating calm and peace I learned
Opening my eyes I stared at what I fought
Realizing I fought the ghost of what was
I laid down my gauntlet of war and raised the
Goblet of peace for the toast of love
I was the bully, but no longer

Let my words reflect the knowledge
Yet to be found wisdom, lurks over there
Seeking the question that holds the final
Question of questions, that answers all
In anger and fear I dare not ask
In peace and love the question flows
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

Aged beauty

Aged beauty smiles familial warmth
Memories of the lost brother linger
Seen in the half stared smile
Beneath these gentle faces resides life
They have seen pain and pleasure
Each has been felt in full measure
Yet life is a joy to be grasped, today
Laughing at memories, making new
This old soul rejoices at their youth.

My fathers sisters hold a portion of his soul
I see him in their laugh, their smile, their love
Distant fading memories of a youth
Bright, playful, the pesty but worshipped
Teasing hero of an older brother
Different eyes see the other side
Another man, another person, unknown

Rejoice! Life contains the seeds of yesterday
Laughter brings forth the fruit of today
To flower in tomorrow's memory
The quiet snowy afternoon becomes warmth

My dream rises again today
We sit side by side, hand in hand
Head on shoulder we contemplate
The memories of yesterday with smile and tear
Together we grow old, through sorrow and joy
Struggle and ease, shared a life
You are the smile of my soul
You are my aged comfort
You are my dream given flesh
Shall we grow old together?
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

When words are not enough

When words are not enough
When the soul cries out for touch
But receives only empty phrases
When the heart weeps for comfort
And hears the empty hope.

Torn between desire and reality
Waiting for the final moment
Cyber love falls to real love
Though the pain is no less

I would hold you, but distance negates
I would fly to you, but a border denies
I would be with you forever,
I weep alone again, through choice
This choice has been mine.
Will we ever be more than words?
I love You
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001


He glares at the child in the darkened window
Anger, anguish, and despair override hope
Is this the only forever that will be?
Whose warmth will comfort the fear
Whose love will ease life's burdens
Whose words will fill the silent ache
Whose strength will carry him into tomorrow
The adult child betrayed by inner lies
Reaches out for hopes hug, and fears the cries
Too wide the chasm between child and adult
Denial bridges the gap between reality and fantasy
Separating hope from hopes realization
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

Farewell My Father

All our lives they are strengths symbol
Holding our hands guiding us to hope
Showing us the path of integrity
Through trials and sorrow we leaned
Reached out for help when alone
Self denied for the child of love
They sacrificed freely for their babies

Weeping I cradle the memory of strength
One last goodbye, never forgotten
You are my father, and I love you
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

Heavy metal in delicate places

Heavy metal in delicate places
Challenging perceptions of strict morality
Unsuspecting smiles from innocent faces
The hint of discreet sin denies life's banality
The act of daring-do reaffirms sensuality
Golden dangling participle, youths reaffirmation
Vibrant, alive, an ecstatic loving joy.
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

Bears Peace

Naked, the trees remind Bear
The long winters sleep approaches
It is the gathering time
Full the moon spots the mound.
Bear, Owl, and Moose, this years triumvirate
Meet to offer this winters peace
For the long night approaches
Heralded by the frigid fall wind

Rabbit curses Wolf, cries for real justice
Seeing none, he leaves before sentence's imposition
Cursing life's unfairness, he loses faith
Moribund he walks into despair
Coyote breaks peace and snacks
I hungered and ate as my nature decrees

The defence is accepted, warily
One eyes the other, mumbling excuses
The meeting folds on fear and recrimination

Bear smirks, Winters discontent
Leads him to long peaceful sleep.
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

The Gift

You woke me to my life
All I can think to say is I miss you
You showed me the magic in today
All I can think to say is I need you

I closed my heart to love young
Laughter became pain no reward in love
I placed chains around my emotions
The cold unfeeling have no tears to cry

Life emptied into cold and barren days
Winter followed winter unceasingly
No hope seen across whitened frozen vistas

Then you entered my life
Unlocked the chains with a smile
Gave me back my life with your love
All I can think is I want you

The distance between yesterday and tomorrow
This longing desire to see you today
Empty arms stretched out in hope
My soul cries in hope, a smile
Forever has a name in my love for you
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001


Sprites dwell within the empty spaces
Between books and dust motes
Moving chairs in nights dark
Giggling at my sleep pained curse
Hiding notes of importance
Putting remotes in fridges
Turning the volume to 10
Disconnecting me as I find the answer
Stealing checks, and stashing bills
How can I pay the utility bill
When the sprites hide it beneath
Last weeks news, though today's paper
Is missing, I expect it tomorrow
Late for work, again
Times changed as I slept deep
Long hot showers shortened by lack
Hot water lasts only long enough
Lathered and soapy, scream the cold
Giggles become guffaws,
Turn, twist, the eye sees only hints
I read their past in dust trails
As they tease spiders into sinks
For the joy they give
I leave milk in saucers
Honey in thimbles
And smiles
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

Returning the white owls feather

Northern lights dance the moons joy
Teasing stars to a brighter twinkle
Shall I whistle down the spirits to play?

Show me plays and museums
Sunrises and paths bathed in moonlight
The white owl drops a feather
Memento of wisdom arrival
Show me the moment before you wake
Eyes flutter in half remembered comfort
Show me the moment between smile and laugh
Show me joy's twinkle in eyes filled with love
Love glows from your words and I see
The magic that holds beauty to leaves

Through the dawns dark blue
The moon shyly smiles good morning
Shall we transcend the limitations of dreams

I will show you the enchanted caress
Words unspoken by desire now voiced
Beneath the willows shelter magic rises
Waking the moment that lies between moments
Times icy chill warms to a throaty laugh
Earth spirits guard the leafy bower
Beneath frosted breath we wake tomorrow
Returning the white owls feather

Copyright @M.Lingrell2001


Alone the child stands
Head bent, dejections symbol
Toe scuffing the empty memories
Dust rising from yesterday, obscuring
Today's hope, clouding dreams
Sigh, and the head rises
From the pasts dark window
Tomorrow's reflection greets today
Who is the stranger with wrinkled eyes
What happened to the child cradled in mothers love
The youth warmed by a fathers concern
Another toe stirs fond hope raising
Expectations limit the experience
Warping reality into false hope expanding
False beliefs and discouragement
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

Hold Me

Clouds drift across the distant tumid moon
Deep beneath caves covered and blind
Dragons weep tears for the past yet to be
Wizards walk trails trapped between reality and fantasy
Lost between hope and faith elves and fairy queens
Sleep beneath timeless mounds dreaming the dance

Hold me
The cry vibrates warping space, freezing time

Elves toss fitfully strewing hope from sleep-jaded dreams
Wizards refrain from weaving spells to listen
The dragon rises to smell the faint promise
As fingers touch the spell breaks reforming
Freeing; flesh forms beneath the soft caress
Structure created below gliding fingertips
Gentle swell of breasts, soft rise of hip

Hold me
The whispered need, speaks the unspoken word

Melting hope into hope, distance ceases
Time freezes and the wizard steps free
Elves rise to walk the hidden paths again
Fairy queens slip unseen sprinkling dreams
Love wakes the lost forgotten magic
And the dragons tears fade as he rises
To meet the moons full ecstatic glory
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001


We rush from moment to moment
Lost in angry need, disobedient
The suicidal societal rebel fighting
Conformity and imagined necessity
Satan tempts with satin honeyed words
Fly the road, speed for time.

Blinding light closes sleep deadened eyes
For two seconds you do not see
The lady rising in fiery ecstatic splendor
Natures paean to creations renewal.
Angry at the bumbling obedient fool
For two seconds you do not see
Summers last blossom unequalled in glory
The promise of life's renewal in death
Shaking the angry fist, finger extended in
Defiance of mortality and demanding exigency
For two seconds you do not see
Day dreaming, tomorrow's hope steps unheeding
The scream begins without time

For two seconds you did not see
Speeding in haste to the next light
Rushing from purpose to consequence
I wonder when did we devote our lives
To speed, two seconds, two lives.

In a life ruled by time
Bemoaning the lost simplicity
We beg for more time for less time
Speeding to make up time lost

In long past days horses and feet
Carried no speed, we found time
Time to talk, time to think, time to dream
Faster we rush going nowhere
Having no time for time making time.
Now we wish to reverse time.
Two seconds, two bony fingers beg the lover
Fill the empty earthen bed
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001

Love Pulls

Love pulls thought to thought
Dreaming through the waiting time
Short words, the whispered hello
Love makes the smile reappear
Warm soft silken skin
Sliding beneath lips, tasting
Arousal's dream stirs the day
Wake the dreamer to the dream

I wake from dreams of love
Thinking of love
Breakfast, shower, work, home,
Back to the dream of love
Each thought is of her
From dawns rise to dawns return
She pulls my heart.

Eyes sink into the soul, smile
Taste the mystery of love
Rouse the passionate screams
Some start their days with showers
Some start with fantasy and dreams
Mine starts with the last thought
I began with you yesterday.
Copyright @M.Lingrell2001