The Walk

We walk beneath summer's sky
Sister and I
Exploring springs return
Of dreams shared we learn.

Past ice pushed shore we walk
Music made as ice tines tinkle on rock
Gazing out over breaking ice
We speak of tumbling dice
And lay bets on when open water once more
Would strike this rocky shore.

With nose in the air hound
Explores reality by scent and sound.
Whilst we trudge up steep long hill
Wheezing and walking with little skill
Winter having stolen summers legs
Sister for a piggy back ride begs

Down long winding corridors
Through which dancing sunlight pours
Strolling we softly speak
Of adventures coming this week

Returning to beginging beneath
Day moons bight glow
Sibling souls renewed to face anew
All joy and pain
Life has to offer
Shared love from birth
Confirmed again with a walk.