38 Days Old (five and a half weeks)

Our apologies for not getting portraits done last week. There was just too much going on.... We had even carved a pumpkin, ready to be in the portraits. But Mr. Jack-o-lantern went moldy and was tossed outside in the freezing weather, so he was unable to feature in this week's portraits.....

The puppies are now wearing collars during their play sessions so that it is easier to tell them apart and so that they get used to wearing collars. Because we are easily confused, we used the same colour-number combination that we used with our spring litter. Fortunately #7 (pink) is a female again!

Puppy 1, Red Collar, now weighs 11lbs. He looks very serious here, but really he's a very happy fellow with quite the sense of humour already!
Puppy 2, Turquoise Collar, now weighs 9.5 lbs.
Puppy 3, Burgundy Collar, now weighs 10 lbs.
Puppy 4, Green Collar, now weighs 9 lbs.
Puppy 5, Purple Collar, now weighs 7.5 lbs.
Puppy 6, Blue Collar, now weighs 6.5 lbs.
Puppy 7, Pink Collar, now weighs 9 lbs. We took these photos during a chinook, which was nice and warm. But partway through the photo session, the light changed dramatically as the sun came out from under the chinook arch - we did not adjust the settings on the camera so these last few portraits are rather unusually coloured!
Puppy 8, Yellow Collar, now weighs 10 lbs.
Puppy 9, Orange Collar, now weighs 8 lbs.