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Week Eight Portraits - Click Here!
Week Eight
They are starting to look like they might be able to completely lift Lupine off of the ground when they are nursing! They enjoy tugging on her tail and she barely seems to notice.
WHOOPS!  Where did Week Eight go?!  Too quickly for us to keep up on with the website. Here are some photos from the past week:
Have you beeen digging, puppy 1? "It's my piece of tumbleweed and you can't have it!" "Keep away" is one of their favourite games
It was actually warm enough on the weekend to let the puppies play in water. First, they all had a good drink...
....then they all hopped in!  Puppy 3 and Puppy 4 were the first puppies in the "pool". Cheeky puppy 8!
Lupine with puppy 9 and puppy 7
Puppy 3, have you been digging? Playing with Auntie Pipit
Puppy 2 figures that it's worth checking....