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Week Eleven
Week Eleven seemed to race by with no time to update the website. The biggest news is that some of the puppies left this week. A very sad time for us, but a happy time for their new owners. First to go was Puppy 9, now "Lindy", whose owner came to pick her up from Vancouver Island. She flew home on the 8th and handled the flight home very well.

On the weekend, Puppy 2 ("Sasha") left for Calgary and then Puppy 1 ("Irwin") also left for Calgary.

And then there were eight.....(and what do you think just happened here?!)
Rod and Lindy. Lindy will be in good company as she lives with another flat-coat, Maggie and a smooth collie, Zephyr
Before each puppy leaves, they get a bath and then they play with Lupine in our house while they dry. Here Irwin is looking quite tired after all of the activity!
Sasha and his new family, Lynne, Dave and Jeff.
Napping with Andy
This week Andy and Huxley have been out waterfowl hunting a few times. They brought back some nice mallards and geese. The puppies were very impressed and picked up the mallards and carried them around.
Irwin with his new family, Claudia and Sean.
Huxley's daughter, #7 puppy shows that she can follow in her father's footsteps....
Huxley and a mallard