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Week Five
October 26th
How did it get to be Week 5 already? How time flies when you spend much of it doing laundry and cleaning up after puppies.... Everyone continues to do very well, including Lupine. She started a new behaviour today - regurgitating for her puppies. How lovely, but oh well, it's nature.......and the puppies don't seem to mind. The puppies are entering the "exploratory phase" and when we take them out of their pen, they wander far and wide through the main floor of our house. Their play has escalated and they now engage eachother in all sorts of games.

Lupine is quite funny about her puppies. On a couple of occasions we have given her a bone to chew on and she's taken it in to the puppy pen and left it for the puppies.

The puppies now get 3 meals a day. Their menu currently consists of oatmeal, ground turkey, beef, goatsmilk and goatsmilk yoghurt.

There's a lot going on in this photo!
Lupine is so tolerant....
Dreaming of the great outdoors....
We want out!
"Hey Mum, Give me five"!
Showing off his new teeth
"Hi" (from number 1 puppy)
Number 2 hangs out in the whelping box
October 28th
It was a warm and windy fall day here. So we decided to let the puppies discover the great outdoors while they can..... They were all quite brave and investigated the new surroundings, picking up leaves, sniffing and following Lupine around for snacks. Photos to come shortly....
Puppy 4
Puppy 9 Puppy3
Puppy 8

October 29th
No outdoor adventures today. We had a blizzard here, with lots of snow, strong winds and cold temperatures. Two sets of friends from Lethbridge made it out to visit the puppies, so they had lots of indoor attention instead. They are sleeping very soundly this evening! Thankfully their visitors replenished our supply of newspapers, phew!

One of the very convenient developments over the past week has been that the puppies only use the main pen area for peeing and pooping and never use the whelping box anymore, using it just for sleeping in. This means that we don't need to line the whelping box with newspaper or change the comfy bedding in there quite so much. There was one funny episode this evening though - they had managed to pull up both pee pads and drag them in to the whelping box, where they were bunched up and being used as pillows.... obviously more masking is tape is called for...

Puppy 6 Puppy 6 with Puppy 5 in the background