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Week Four
October 19th
Week four brings a marked increase in laundry!  The puppies can produce an astonishing amount of pee in the course of a day.... While they make a decent effort to pee on the pee pads, accidents happen.....often.....

Perhaps the most significant development in the past few days is that the puppies now play with eachother. It's quite uncoordinated play, but they do grab eachother's tails, lick eachother and engage in "mouth play", just as our adult dogs do. They also seem to really enjoy interacting with us - playing with our hands and snuggling in when we pick them up.

They now get 2 very small meals of mushy food a day, but mostly they still rely on Lupine for their food. Lupine is getting 6-7 lbs of food a day! This is spread over 5-6 meals and is in addition to her energy drinks.

Several of the puppies have teeth coming through already - we have been able to feel them for a few days and now we can see them erupting.

Week Four begins and the puppies now weigh over half as much as Lupine!
Milk in - milk out.....Lupine enjoys her goatsmilk yoghurt and molasses drink
#9 female trying to wake #1 male up! Like his father, Huxley, #1 puppy likes his sleep!
October 22nd
Everybody now has teeth. Lupine isn't too impressed by this development, but she is very tolerant. They are now tall enough that they can nurse from her while she is standing up. Another development is that they are playing with the toys in their pen and sometimes they manage to pick them up and carry them around. Retrievers at last!  Of course they never do this when we have the camera with us....

As you can see from the photo below, they have become quite proficient at eating out of bowls and they all have very hearty appetites. Despite, this they can still make a surprising amount of mess at meal times.

Reading the comics after dinner
Huxley likes to help out Lupine cleans up while the puppies grab some dessert.
Week Four draws to a close: We ate, we slept, we grew, we GOT TEETH and we carried things!