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Week Nine
November 23

The puppies started off week nine with a routine trip to the vet for check-ups, vaccinations and microchips. The trip to the vet was quite noisy, but they slept quietly all the way home, which was nice. They travelled three puppies to a crate. It is always quite a challenge to get just one puppy out of a crate with three puppies in it..... at one point, puppy 1 escaped and had a good play with Murphy, the office's Ragdoll cat. Fortunately this cat loves dogs!  Puppy 7 also managed to escape and she made a bee-line for the bags of dog food!  The puppies all weighed in between 10lbs (little puppy 6) and 15 lbs (puppy 1).

On the weekend, the puppies were temperament tested by our friend Maureen. It went very well and the puppies tested quite evenly. In an email, Maureen commented

"I have to say that I really really enjoyed this litter. Overall, you have very nice puppies, with several serious stand-outs! That has to be a breeders joy to get a litter where you can encompass everything. The puppies were all very sweet with good temperaments, and frankly, I don’t think there was a puppy in there who didn’t possess good personality traits! Well done!"

The funniest exercise was the loud noise - banging a metal spoon on a metal tray to test for sound sensitivity. None of the puppies minded the noise and they ran up to it, hopeful that it might mean dinner!  They also all held on to the leash as soon as it was attached to their collars.

One of the biggest changes in the last few days has been that Lupine is no longer "just a feeding machine" to the puppies. She now plays with her puppies and although the puppies still nurse from time to time, they interact much more with her. It's so much fun to watch.

It has been challenging to manage outside-time with our unpredictable and variable weather. We went from playing in water on the weekend to "highs" of -15C this week and colder temperatures to come..... In the very cold temperatures, the puppies are only allowed out for very quick breaks and then it's back inside as quickly as possible. We took advantage of a chinook this afternoon to take the puppies for their first walk out on the prairie.

Putting those long legs to good use on the puppies' first walk in the prairie
Oooh, that could be painful.....
Puppy 9 takes on Puppy 3 and Puppy 2
November 27

The last few days have been exceptionally cold here, so most of the fun has taken place indoors. Our kennel building has been put to good use, as a puppy rumpus room! Today was so cold, with a windchill of -37C, plus blowing snow, that the puppies could not even have quick trips outside. More cleaning up for us!  We are looking forward to warmer temperatures in a few days....

Inside activities include playing with all their toys, running through the tunnel (they have now graduated to an even bigger tunnel), playing with Lupine in small groups of 2-3 puppies, charming their human visitors, indoor retrieving and some very basic training.

Tails of Weekend Skullduggery....Click Here
We use this toilet brush to clean the dog's water dishes. It is kept in a bucket. One of the first things that the puppies do when they are let into the kennel training area is run to the bucket, turn it over and play with the toilet brush....Notice the totally ignored dog toys in the background...
Puppy 7 dreams of being a utility dog someday....
We have decided on the litter theme. The puppies' will be named after famous scientists (for their registered names). This is in honour of their father, Huxley, who is named after the biologist, Thomas Huxley, a contemporary of Darwin. Some ideas we have include; for the boys - Faraday, Doppler, Rutherford, Tyndall, Lorenz, Lyell, Banting ...... for the girls - Curie, Tansley, Tesla, Pascal.... Linneaus (the Swedish botanist responsible for taxonomy) would work for a male or female. We think this is appropriate for such smart puppies!