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Week Seven Portraits - Click Here!
Week Seven
November 10th
Our motto this week has been "get outside whenever it's warm enough"! The puppies do not think it is nearly often enough though, as we've had a couple of cold days. They can usually have their lunch outside, but breakfasts and dinners have to be inside. They also get short trips outside for "potty breaks". We carry them out two at a time, as it's impossible to keep track of 9 puppies all at once, especially when it's dark, so it's quite a long process. These are very adventurous puppies and when all 9 are out together, they quickly disperse in 9 different directions!

A rare moment with all nine puppies in one photo!
Play with me!! (puppy 1 and puppy 3)
The puppies are now enjoying chicken backs. They don't eat the whole thing just yet, but they are getting pretty close to being able to eat the whole thing.


Please bring NEWSPAPERS if you have them! We are going through them at a terrific rate. Thank-you!

First Snow! - November 10th
Puppy 6 wonders whether he can still operate the see saw in the snow
Puppy 8
Puppy 1 Puppy 4
November 14th
Some warmer and sunny days have allowed the puppies to spend a few hours each day in one of our kennel runs. The kennels have an outdoor play area and a heated indoor part. We put 2 crates in the indoor part and all 9 puppies pile into the 2 crates to sleep. The puppies are getting much better at following us over to the kennel in a somewhat organized fashion. Surrounding the kennel is a fenced play area, and it is much easier to keep an eye on them than it is by our house. A few of the puppies could fit through the fence at first and would zip in and out of the play area, but soon they will be too big.

We are discovering some of the difficulties of having a winter litter (although technically it is still Fall!):

1. Finding puppy poops in the dead grass and leaves is very difficult. Inevitably they get stepped in and tracked into the house....

2. Not enough daylight hours!  We rejoice on the days that we can actually manage 2 mealtimes outside, as the mess they can make in our kitchen is quite phenomenal....

3. The low light, long shadows and dry grass usually makes for poor conditions for photographing puppies.

4. Chicken backs eaten outside at this time of the year immediately become covered with a layer of dead grass and leaves, but the puppies don't seem to mind about that.

4. The colder weather means less time spent outside and puppies with MORE energy!

Fortunately the puppies are quite wonderful, so they make it all worthwhile and rewarding. The photos from the last few days are not that great, but they give you an idea of what we've been up to this week.

On Monday morning, while preparing the puppies' breakfast, a little brown puppy suddenly appeared at Liz's feet. #5 puppy had climbed out of the puppy pen in an attempt to get a headstart on breakfast! Later on that morning, she was seen climbing back in to the pen. We now have to keep a taller x-pen around their pen to prevent puppy 5 from leaving home!

Puppy 3 playing on the tunnel (they have graduated to a long tunnel now)
Puppy 5 thinks she is very clever, figuring out how to do the teeter-totter all on her own
We have built a very fancy playground for the puppies, including a partial dog walk. OK, so it's not so fancy, but we've learned that the more time and effort you spend making something for the puppies, the more effort they put into taking it apart. Here puppy 9 climbs on from the side.
Puppy 6 and Puppy 4
We forgot to remove this folded down x-pen from the play area - all the puppies ran up to it and walked over it with absolutely no worries. Nothing fazes these guys.
And of course, the favourite activity - playing in the holes that Tally's litter dug and Lupine enlarged....
Any agility person will tell you that it is generally not a good idea to put your head under the teeter-totter while another dog is going over it.....
Visiting with their new best friend, Pipit.
Puppy 8 fancies himself as an obedience dog Ouch!