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View their 5.5 week old portraits here!
Week Six
November 2nd
We've had a busy and stressful few days, so have not been able to update the website for a while. Hopefully we can catch up soon. Late on Sunday, we noticed that puppy 6 did not seem to be feeling very well. We talked to our vet, stayed up with the puppy for most of the night and then took him in to the vet office on Monday morning. The diagnosis was constipation and an enema seemed to fix the problem. But it has taken him a few days to start feeling better, so we've been keeping a close eye on him. Today we are happy to report that he is now playing with the other puppies and eating normally again. But he really had us worried and stressed for a few days.

The puppies are becoming increasingly busy. We have given up on the pee pads, as they seem to see these as a challenge (i.e. how fast can they un-tape them and rip them up...). So it's back to newspapers only. Today they started wearing collars while they are out and playing. There was a lot of scratching at first, but they were easily distracted by chicken backs!  They are not eating the bone yet, but are surprisingly capable of getting the meat off of them. We mostly feed them in our kitchen, where they can run around and play afterwards and it's easier to clean up after them. Yesterday we introduced a tunnel to their play area and the puppies were very keen to explore it and go through it. They have a riot playing with and carrying around any of the "big dog toys" that they find while they are out. We also put out metal canning jar lids for them, so that they get used to carrying different materials in their mouths. They seem to think that carrying the lids around is great fun.

Lupine lets her puppies nurse several times a day and she likes to check on them on a regular basis. She is still regurgitating for them whenever she gets the chance.....we try to keep her away from them for a while after she's eaten a meal. For the first time since having her puppies, Lupine was really keen to go on a walk this afternoon. Mostly we've been leaving her behind, as she just crawls along and has not been too enthralled about going on walks. Today she raced out the door with the other dogs and was very energetic and enthusiastic on the walk. She has also resumed her "kleenex foraging behaviour", checking bathroom garbages, etc....sigh.

We are really short on photos from the last few days, but we hope to catch up soon!

We put this pumpkin here to stop the tunnel from rolling. Some of the puppies are more interested in the pumpkin than the tunnel!
We use this short table to get the puppies used to standing on a table and also as a place for Lupine to get away from the puppies when she wants to - not for long!
November 6th
The puppies had a very busy weekend. On Saturday they moved "house", from the whelping room to the eating area in our kitchen. They have a bigger pen and easier access to the outdoors. They seem pretty pleased with this arrangement. Our other dogs are also very happy to be able to meet the puppies! 

The puppies had several groups of visitors over the weekend, which kept them busy. Finally on Sunday it was warm enough for them to go outside again and they seemed to really enjoy that. We thought they would be really tired after the weekend, but they proceeded to wake us up at 5:15 am on Monday morning - ugh!

"I went through the tunnel, now let's see if I can get under here...."
After lots of playing, puppy 2 is getting sleepy.
We decided to include the whelping box in their new pen, for sleeping in. But as you can see, they much prefer to squish themselves into the small space next to the whelping box! Lupine can hop over the sides of the pen when she wants to spend time with the puppies.
It takes a whole pack to raise a litter of puppies.....! That is Tally lying next to the puppy pen. She has been desperate to play a role in looking after the puppies and she now loves to lie next to their pen. Lupine is in the middle and Huxley is in the foreground.
The puppies have discovered the joys of pumpkin cookies. They are still rather messy eaters though and their pen is filled with crumbs after they have eaten their cookies!
So why is it that the most popular place to sleep is IN the water dish or at least as close to it as possible? This puppy has his ear in the water and the other puppy was sleeping with his muzzle in the dish. I guess they really are water dogs! They also have lots of fun in the "big dog's water dish" when they are out and have managed to tip the whole thing over several times.
Look everyone, I found dessert!
Today they had lunch outside!  Being able to feed them at least one meal outside a day means a lot less cleaning up! It's too dark to do this for the morning and evening meals.
The best thing about Fall is that there is no shortage of things to retrieve (puppy 8)
Still getting used to wearing a collar (puppy 5) Look, you've got a handle! (puppy 1 and 2)