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Week Ten
December 5

Finally, we have had some great weather!  The snow is melting and the puppies are able to spend lots of time outside. We are all happy about this. After being stuck inside for several days last week, the puppies were very excited to resume outdoor activities. At first it was pretty cold, so they only spent a few minutes outside, but the last few days have been warm. We have been busy trying to decide which puppy goes where......stay tuned.....

"This could be fun if it wasn't so cold!"
Resuming consumption of the teeter-totter.
Puppy 9 with a frosty muzzle - she looks so much like Lupine as a puppy.
Puppy 3, 2 and 7 playing tug.
Puppy 2 contemplates the snow
Puppy 3, have you been digging?
Puppy 1
Puppy 6 is happy to be able to eat sticks again
Lupine still enjoys playing with her puppies. It's through their play that the puppies learn more doggy social skils and their place in the world. The are still nursing occasionally, but likely aren't getting very much nutrition from Lupine (that comes from the over 10lbs of food that we feed them every day!)
Puppy 5 playing with Lupine