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Weeks Thirteen - Sixteen
We have had many positive reports, photos and news from the puppies that are in their new homes. The two that are still here, Banting and Tinbergen are doing very well and are busy learning all kinds of new things.

Banting and TInbie may be available to appropriate homes. Please contact us for information in you are interested in becoming a part of the Blazingstar family.

Here are some photos that the puppies' new owners and friends have sent us. We will add more as we get them.

Lindy (#9) enjoys Christmas with her new family (despite frequent power outages because of the west-coast storms). Her owner writes "Lindy is fitting in wonderfully. She's growing like a weed. She sure enjoys her surroundings and the two other dogs. Learning to play with another Flat-Coat is like falling off a log, I'd expect, but learning to play with a herding dog has been fun to watch. By choice, the two adults dogs have been taking turns playing with her in the yard and in the house, so she hasn't been overwhelmed by too much Big Paw - Big Mouth action. Zephyr is patiently teaching Lindy that he doesn't want -or need - his teeth licked clean after every meal. <g> Maggie doesn't care because, well, because she's a Flat-Coat. Food is where you find it. My mouth or yours...
Sasha (#2) wraps himself in a rug. Sasha seems to have inherited his mother's tendancy to lie under tables.
Sasha's owners write " We are all having a wonderful time with Sasha, he is full of energy and loves to play, and he can also be cuddly. He's been a quick study - he knows his name and comes when he is called, although he is better at this in the house than outside, of course too many distractions outside. He is sitting when asked and learning to lay down".
Annie (#7) discovers that portrait-taking happens in Indiana too!
Annie got to go to Michigan for Christmas. Here she is with her new best pal, Toby the beagle.
Annie is very fortunate to be living in a warmer climate.Her owners write " Annie did some marks with pigeons today and did great! Then, because it has been ridiculously warm (60 degrees), Brian decided to try her in the water. He threw 2 pigeons in wading water near the shore, then the last one was swimming water. She only had to swim about 10 feet, but she made the retrieve!!! We stopped there but she was ready for more, and now when she goes out runs immediately to where the pigeons landed. ".
Jasper (#4) poses infront of the other Jasper, in Jasper.... Jasper with his new best friend, Tsuga.
Jasper's owners write " Jasper is a hit with our dog Tsuga..... He's settling in well, learning to ring a bell to go outside and to sit nicely before he gets his food".
We will add photos of the other puppies as we get them.

Teva's owners write "Teva is doing great! She manages to melt everyones heart that she meets!! Mornings are crazy in our house now. When Teva is awake...everyone one is awake. She is incredibly active in the mornings. She really loves Ripley and he is very good with her...so he is her major entertainment"

Irwin's owners write "Irwin is an awesome puppy!!! We have a pretty good routine going after a week. He's quite bright and he's already pretty good at coming in the house and in the backyard except ofcourse when he wants to play with Allie (our other dog) and he knows Sit and Down. We're working on Shake a Paw".

Kobi's owners tell us "We love him to pieces and Kira has moved beyond the-- I need to show him who is boss stage to bringing him a toy so they can play and letting him snuggle up close and licking his head. Kobi is unlike any puppy we have ever had. He is very playful but also has a calmness about him that is amazing for a pup his age. He is also so smart and so handsome! "

Tinbergen and Banting have been having all kinds of adventures in the last couple of weeks. We make sure that they each get some some alone with us, for training, playing and just hanging out. They have taken trips into the big city (well, Lethbridge) and to Fort Macleod, visiting friends and being exposed to the sights and sounds of urban life. They have also been to training sessions where they've met other dogs of various breeds and are learning some basic obedience commands. They are learning, sit, stand, down, backing up, eye contact (attention training) and recalls. At home they get a short retrieving session every day, with bumpers, wings or birds. And of course, rambles across our prairie and through the forest.

Playing with Pipit Banting poses on a forest walk
Enjoying the snow
Naughty or Nice?

Banting at 14.5 weeks old, January 6, 2007

Tinbie at 14.5 weeks old, January 6, 2007

Tinbie retrieves a Goldeneye duck that Huxley and Andy brought back from hunting Banting Tinbie