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Week Three
October 12th
It's always a bit of a relief when the puppies reach week three. They just seem less fragile and more robust and therefore there is a bit less to worry about. Most puppy mortality occurs in the first two weeks of life, and we are thankful that all nine are doing well. As they are bigger and have some temperature regulation abilities, we can keep the whelping room a bit cooler now.

Lupine continues to do very well and is healthy, happy and taking great care of her puppies. She still does most of the cleaning up after the puppies (well, except for the laundry), which we greatly appreciate.

Week Three begins
Puppy #1 daydreaming
Puppies walking
Puppy #7 likes to hang out over the door of the whelping box
"Look, there's a whole other world out there"
GOOOOOD Puppy! (peeing on the pee pad)
October 15th
Again, there have been many new developments in just a few days. Later on Thursday (day 14), one of the black puppies reacted when our big dogs barked, suggesting that he could hear them. The next day, all the puppies reacted to hearing our dogs bark. They also wake up very quickly when they hear us opening the door on the whelping box. This morning when one of our adult dogs barked, one of the puppies barked back! (we have cows on our land right now, so the adult dogs are barking a little more than usual - they like to let us know when the cows appear on the horizon). As well as being able to hear, they seem to be able to make a bit of sense of what they are seeing. While they are still a bit uncoordinated, they no long walk headfirst into walls and they genuinely appear to be looking at us when we interact with them.

These days Lupine is finding the whelping box to be a little cramped - it's hard to find a place to lie down when there are 9 hungry puppies walking about. So we let her feed them outside of the box. The puppies are now very adept at getting out of the box to join Lupine on the floor. Lupine can stretch out to let them feed and when they are feeling full, they crawl off in all directions and fall asleep - under the bed, under the desk, partway out of the door, in the closet.....etc. If we are sitting on the floor with them, some of them will often climb up in our laps for a snuggle. Later today we will add a pen to the whelping box so that they have a larger living area.

The other new development is that they are showing signs that they are ready to expand their menu. Last night we awoke to hear some strange slurping noises (a bit different from the usual slurping noises of puppies nursing). One puppy had his head in Lupine's bowl and was licking up the dregs from her yoghurt and molasses drink! So we will let them sample some food later today.

New puppy habitat! More space to hang out in. Lupine can easily get over the sides of the pen to feed her puppies as she pleases.
"Will someone please wake up and play with me!"
Puppy #4 has a good howl to celebrate the expansion
October 17th
The puppies were very excited about their first encounter with food. They stepped in it, dunked their whole heads in it, spread it all around and even ate some of it!
Eating straight off of the table cloth - puppies have no manners!
LIcking turkey and goatsmilk off of Liz's fingers
Week Three draws to a close:  We slept , we grew, we SAW, we HEARD and we ATE REAL FOOD!